“When we access the truth and discover a whole new world, we set ourselves free to make responsible decisions and create new deeply fulfilling ways of living that reach far beyond our current conditioning and stream from our live connection with the divine sources of life,” Andrej Loncar

 Introduction, Current Situation & Action Plan

In order to access the full picture of the essential world and the larger context of life far beyond the current representation of reality that we are able to comprehend now, we need to learn how to attune to our connection with the source of life, soul of the Earth, our own souls, and their constant processes of spiritual evolution. Then we could integrate and synchronize our modern lifestyles with this source and the Earth’s soul and learn what it means to live out of this connection.

As our civilization has focused on forming predictable and easily controllable patterns of living for several millenniums, we have slowly lost that sensibility to perceive our connection with the divine source of life within us and have lost touch with the essential world of the spirit that is in constant development mode. With this loss of touch with the sources of life and the life of the spirit throughout the Universe and the Earth, we have forgotten our ability to develop ourselves along with the evolution of the spirit that is inherently within each of us. Within the current human conditioning, we do not have sufficient experience in our direct contact with the spirit and its works. This is why even the existence of the spirit has been brought to the level of speculation, philosophy, and doubt.

Our task in this period of human evolution is to awaken the forgotten abilities that we all have to recognize our connection with the source of life and the Earth’s soul within each of us, and to synchronize our modern lifestyles with these sources and learn what it means to live out of this live connection. From my experience working with the source of life of the Universe, my own soul, and the soul of the planet Earth, I’ve experienced the processes presented further in this text and on this website.

The physical layout of the Universe and the Earth is embedded by a living spirit and its different expressions throughout its physical body. The living entity that is behind all of nature, all natural processes in the land everywhere, and that manages the nature on the planet is the soul of the Earth. And this is not a symbolic name or a representation of something physical that we see and then call the soul. It is a living soul with her invisible spiritual dimension that is embedded within the entire physical body of our magnificent planet. And the soul of the Earth manages first the spiritual evolution of the planet, and then also the corresponding energetic and physical processes in nature. During our lifetime we are inseparable from the Earth’s soul and her energetic grid. Just as humans have spiritual and physical organs within the physical body and the aura, Earth also has the corresponding spiritual and energetic systems in different lands.

This essential to life and yet invisible realm can only be felt and perceived with the inner eye of the soul and through subtle energetic streams within our bodies. Exploration of this realm and collaboration with it is the key element that can lead us to synchronize life of humanity with the life of nature, the Earth, and to witness inconceivable new possibilities rise from this conscious connection with the spirit, with nature, and ourselves. This is especially true when it comes to plants, animals, and people. We all thrive exponentially in environments that are imbued with love and acceptance of who we are and how we want and need to grow. Same is true when it comes to Earth.

Through different deep experiential processes we can learn how to communicate with the soul of the land. Through that process the land mirrors back to us the same aspects of our own identity, it helps us open up our energetic flow, reach deeper into the identity of our own souls, and understand clearer the soul’s path & responsibility.

Like this each of us can develop inner language to interact with the spiritual dimension, the Earth, and our divine origin. We can discover Earth’s spiritual systems and their reflection in us, which is a deeply transformational process that allows you to discover the inner structure of the aura, it helps open up your energy centers, and helps you to live consciously and practically out of your connection to the spirit. If we are able to discover the land’s influence on us, we can find inner peace through this relationship, and help liberate Earth’s natural spiritual/energetic flow and as a result liberate our own life energy.

The soul of our planet invites each of us to awaken this natural ability that we all have to perceive and participate in the invisible essential world in us and the land. It is not easy to awaken this ability, but it is certainly possible. And, it is a highly trasformative and liberating process for people and the land everywhere. Through that process we will then be able to start creating new ways of living that are in sync with the Earth and the spirit and experience the long awaited inner and collective peace.

Andrej Loncar


New Training Program

Discover the World of the Earth’s Soul
Transform into New Energetic Body

Experience and learn how to attune to the development processes of your soul in the context of the world of the Earth’s soul, and how to transform your life field into a new energetic body being born within each of us that is in sync with the current processes of the evolution of the spirit and our planet.

By Andrej Loncar

• Experience the inner system layout that navigates life: individual soul, its connection with the divine source of life, our connection with the soul of the Earth in this life, and the flow of the spirit within us
• Learn how to attune to the world of the Earth’s soul embedded within the physical body of the planet and deep processes of her spiritual evolution that manage life of the planet and deeply affect life of humanity
• Embrace the current transformation within you: the emerging of the new energetic body following the evolution processes of the Universe and the Earth; release your entanglement with the old patterns within you
• Recognize all identities within you, your unconscious living out of them, and how to become the expression of your soul in this lifetime
• Learn how to help liberate Earth’s life flow (damaged by our civilization’s ways of living and treatment of what’s sacred in life), and through the process liberate your own life flow


The Benefits:

• Develop ability to improve and maintain your health as you develop the sensitivity to work with your own energy field and keep the life flow open
• Experiencing deep levels of peace, meaning, fulfillment, and purpose in your daily life
• Enter and be able to live in a whole new world – complex and meaningful – and experience and evolve our relationship with the divine in us and the soul of the Earth with all her dimensions within her physical body




Andrej Loncar works with groups, individuals, organizations, and families on the discovery of the complex function systems of the divine spirit embedded within our bodies and the physical body of the Earth. In this way we can access a whole new world that actively guides everyday life for all living beings on the planet.  Then we can consciously engage the developmental path of the soul, actively participate in deep personal transformation, learn to integrate the spiritual aspects of human and earth evolution, and learn to live in the world of the spirit in everyday life.


Andrej has been creating and implementing projects that embody ways of life that are in sync with the spiritual dimension and the evolution of our planet. Through his training programs and gatherings/lectures, Andrej has been teaching people to accurately perceive, feel, and see the invisible spiritual identity and energetic structure that is an integral part of all of us, the space around us, and the Earth with its living landscapes; and to collaborate with the consciousness of the planet.


Andrej has also been working with families to establish new functioning dynamics and follow developmental needs based on communication with the spirit world, and find proper use of individual talents. Through his consultations Andrej works with people and their living/working spaces to harmonize the spiritual, emotional, and energetic activity, purpose, and coexistence between people, land, and living/work space. He has also consulted for schools to assist in developing their vision and holistic approach to teaching and guiding children in their coming of age journeys and embracing their life calls.
Andrej, with his wife Maja, co-founded an organization ‘Breath of Creation’ to synchronize life of humanity with the spiritual dimension that permeates everything.


Upcoming Training Program, Gatherings, and Projects:

  • Training Program: Starting late Spring 2016
  • Experiential Gatherings & Lectures: Monthly gatherings (please see our home page for dates)
  • Publication pending on Andrej’s novel about a boy coming of age
  • A movie about a boy with extra sensory perception sidelined from society due to his gift



Recent Training Programs, Gatherings & Lectures:


Training Programs:

  • Winter 2015 – Spring 2016
  • Summer 2015 San Francisco Bay Area
  • Fall 2014 – Spring 2015 San Francisco Bay Area
  • Fall 2012 – Spring 2013 San Francisco Bay Area
  • Spring 2011 – Fall 2011 Washington, DC


Experiential Gatherings and Lectures:

  • Attune to the Living Earth, November 2015
  • Window to the World of the Soul, November 2015
  • Building Resilient Communities Convergence: Discovering the Living Earth – Learning to Live in the Spiritual Dimension of the Planet, October 2015
  • Earth’s Consciousness & Relationship w/Humanity, July 2015
  • The Maze to the Inner World in us & the Earth, May 2015
  • Current Earth Processes & its Reflection in People, May 2015
  • Infinite Possibilities & Clarity of the Moment, May 2015
  • Cosmic Ballerina’s Terrestrial Dance, March & April 2015
  • Inner Nurture & Regeneration, January 2015
  • Spiritual Structures and Technology in us and the Earth, November 2014
  • Earth’s Soul & Systems of Infinite Consciousness, October 2014
  • World of the Earth’s Soul, October 2014
  • Soul of Spreckels Lake & Its Sacred Ability, October 2014
  • Portals to the Spiritual Dimension, September 2014
  • Releasing the Inner Child, August 2014
  • Deep Earth Grounding Paves the Way, August 2014
  • Earth – Navigating all Streams of Consciousness, June, 2014
  • Accessing All “Chambers” of the Soul, April, 2014
  • Re-membering Our Connection to Earth & Source, March 2014
  • Synergy of Earth’s Dimensions – its Reflection within Humans, February, 2014
  • Shaping the Future of Humanity – Soul of Yerba Buena Gardens, October, 2012
  • Sacred Alchemy of Life Creation & Evolution, August, 2012
  • Collaborating with the Soul of Landscapes, July, 2012
  • Collaborating with the Soul of the School’s landscape (Washington Waldorf School), Fall 2011
  • Earth’s Multidimensional Reality & the Task of Humanity – Perceiving Subtle Dimensions of Earth, Our Homes and Bodies & Our Role in the Coming Earth Changes, Sprig 2011
  • Experiential gathering for a group of 45 shamans and initiates – Emerging of the New Earth In and Around Us, Spring 2011
  • Collaborating with the Essence of Landscape – Initiating Cooperation with the Spirit World on Earth, Fall 2011
  • Embracing the Soul’s Spiritual Quest in the Material World – World of Iron: Reviving its Heart, Fall 2011