Andrej’s Story

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Grandfather’s ability to see Andrej for who he was and to accept this truth gave him direct access to freedom. Then he faced the world and decided to see the truth in the world and to share it with others. The search to anchor the truth and allow it to grow had started.

…a few people were able to recognize the truth and show Andrej how to develop…and with it to serve the truth and the world.


Since early age Andrej has been interested in peace and harmony, and in finding solutions and maximizing potential through uncovering and developing new ways to connect, transform, and create and that would take into consideration all spheres of life – soul’s consciousness and presence, live connection to the spirit, our journey before and after life, our individual tasks/responsibilities and developmental needs on the spiritual level, and the possibilities for creating partnerships that take all this into consideration when making daily decisions.  


Growing up Andrej hoped there would be more to education and his time at school, as he longed to be engaged deeply in ways that would foster his growth and potential that he felt he had but that stayed dormant for the most part. He enjoyed learning and discovering new paradigms that could help humanity to transcend some of the millennia old conflicts and open doors for new possibilities.



As Andrej developed as a young tennis player he discovered that competition can be very useful to test our ability to perform our best despite the circumstances and the adversity. He realized how to bring our best from within us despite the fear of losing/winning, and where focusing on the processes needed to play our best brings our best performance and the focus on winning and beating the competition sabotages our abilities as it evokes fear from failure.

This realization has broad implications far beyond the world of sport. Namely, if we focus on what we need to do in school, in the family, or at work, rather than thinking about what can go wrong or what we can get if we succeed, we are likely to perform far better and with far greater joy. This approach also eliminates aggression, greed, and desire to dominate/conquer, as the focus shifts inward to finding ways to reach highest personal potential where one competes with the self to go ever deeper and deliver greater effort.



Concurrently Andrej had been reawakening his abilities to feel and see the connection we all have in us with the divine source of life – a personal connection on the soul level. Through years of deep search he started to discover how individual soul within each of us had its own “voice” with its developmental path and needs, and how the soul encounters the voices and the drives within us that come from our family and society – the pool of automated behaviors that don’t necessarily take into consideration the life of the soul nor our live connection with the divine source of life. Becoming conscious of these two spheres within us and our connection with the spirit became Andrej’s main focus – reawakening our connection with the divine and the soul and learning how to live while making decisions based on this live connection.


This process further included the discovery of Earth, our host in this life. This discovery is crucial to our individual and collective existence because part of our life energy comes from the Earth. Moreover, we are spiritually connected with the Earth with the soul of the Earth that navigates all life on the planet from the spiritual evolution to its manifestation on the energetic and physical levels.


Earth being first and foremost a spiritual entity, a soul, goes through her own development and evolution processes on the spiritual, energetic, and physical levels. Different places upon the Earth’s surface then have different spiritual and energetic functions and identities that affect all people living there.

Through the discovery of and the connection to the earth’s soul and all her dimensions embedded within the physical body of the planet, humans can sink deeper into the life of their own spirit, support their own spiritual evolution, and tremendously deepen the quality of everyday life bringing meaning and fulfilment that we all long for. Through this discovery we also have a chance to reach and maintain peace and finally start to focus on development and collaboration with each other and the divine source of life.


Through this process Andrej has met many souls within people and has discovered many souls of different lands around the world that through its divine origin guide humanity to find ways to awaken and fully and consciously start to participate in the life of the soul and bring lasting fulfillment, development, and peace.  



Andrej came to the US in 1997 on academic and tennis scholarships. He graduated from American University business school in Washington DC at the top of his class. He also competed on the school’s Division I tennis team, which achieved an all-time high #60 national ranking, and was selected an Academic All-American for two years in a row.

After graduation, Andrej worked for several years at one of the most prestigious tennis clubs in the Washington DC area as a tennis professional and coordinator where he was selected Employee of the Year. He then became a manager at Sutton Racquet Club where he organized all tennis activities and built a maximum membership base almost from scratch with very little resources.

Having witnessed chaos brought by civil war and experienced the competitive and sometimes aggressive approach that drives today’s education and sports, Andrej dreamed of working on projects that would shift this narrow focus towards reaching highest individual potential and making a direct contribution to the world.

In 2005 Andrej founded the “No Limits” junior tennis development program to work on children’s inner development and character building, discipline, emotional stability, ethics, responsibility, and respect through the game of tennis. Mentoring was one of the key components that brought much success in transferring the skills learned on the tennis court into daily life.

About half a dozen of long time participants achieved a top twenty junior national ranking and received tennis scholarships at first tier academic and athletic schools. More than two dozen of his students are already making significant positive influence in lives of their families, schools, communities, and the world.

Over the years numerous children’s parents have supported Andrej’s “No Limits” tennis development program through connections with athletic directors of major Washington DC schools, donations, gifts, word of mouth recruiting, and gatherings to foster and celebrate the program and what it delivers.