“Andrej is a deep ocean of soul wisdom combined with humor, heart, integrity and focus. He is a great teacher. I have experienced profound changes within myself related to the work with the earth that he teaches in his training course. I learned how to connect with the earth in a whole new way that I didn’t know was possible. With his and the earth’s guidance, I have delved deep into my soul in a safe, illuminating, energy-shifting way. His ability to “see” and offer support as a friend and mentor have really helped me to move forward on my path. He is one outstanding human being! He makes decisions based on his live connection with his soul and the earth’s soul, which I find very admirable, as there are not many people out there who know how to do this. I highly recommend his training program for learning how to live with the earth instead of on the earth!”

– April P. (July 2015) 


The Earth Work is the most profound work to reconnect/connect with self and the Earth. Andrej is a most humble and clear teacher. He is able to guide people in a way of both understanding themselves and understanding the energy of the Earth. These two awareness in conjunction with the group work, is the breath of creation. When we all understand this process and engage with ourselves, each other and the world from this place of connection and center, we are assured a reciprocal relationship with life and creation.

– Kara B. (July 2015)

 Andrej Loncar can communicate and connect with the soul of the earth. And his basic message to his students is, “You can, too. It will take some practice, but give it a try and let’s see what happens. Know that for everyone the process is different, but that’s OK because we are all different people.”Andrej is deeply respectful of each person’s process, and his words are encouraging no matter the results. He is not critical of answers that come from our heads rather than our hearts; rather he will encourage us to make that distinction and try again. Andrej sincerely appreciates whatever efforts we make; he knows that the critical first step is to try to sincerely connect.Andrej is adept at creating the right atmosphere in which to attempt to connect with the earth. He often asks his students to close their eyes, tune in to a particular part of their bodies, and create a particular image. He then asks us to move the image, but the way he asks leaves you free to follow whatever genuinely comes to you. Tuning in to oneself is a good precursor to tuning in to the earth.I was part of Andrej’s second training group. We visited about 30-35 places around San Francisco Bay during our six weekends of training. Each person in our group had powerful experiences at times, but for me the most important effect of this work was affirmation, through my own personal experience, that the spiritual world exists. And it cares enough about us to respond to our questions. I found nourishment of my soul that has helped sustain me for long periods while I live my usual materialistic life. That is no small feat.There is one other incident worth mentioning in this testimonial for Andrej. Our group once experienced a situation in which one member felt torn at midday about whether to stay with us for the rest of the day or to leave for home to care for her young child. The process that Andrej led us through, both as we helped her to make a decision and later as we acknowledged our own feelings after she left, was, in a word, exquisite. As we began to move on to our next location, there were no leftover feelings to process. We each felt complete, respected, and ready to address the new work before us. I would wish everyone in the world such a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience respect at such a deep level.

– Linda L. (July 2015)

Sometimes I feel like a walking contradiction, because I’m interested in the spiritual, and I have a PhD in Electrical Engineering. The two are mostly separate from each other. Working with Andrej fosters my spiritual side, and makes my engineering side feel welcome. I get lots of good things from the work: fun, food for meditation, better connection to places I go, company of good people, and better feelings about myself are just some of them.
– Bob F. (January 2016)