Attune to the Living Earth

Nov. 29, 2015.

Access your connection with the Earth’s soul & her spiritual dimension
Transform your energy field
Integrate your soul in your daily life & life of the Earth
Liberate Earth’s energetic flow

This event helps you discover and anchor within yourself the current spiritual and energetic processes within the living Earth – her invisible spiritual dimension, the realm of the Earth’s soul that manages life on our planet and her reflection and influence of each of us.


Sunday, November 29, 2015
Tank Hill Park, corner of Twin Peaks blvd and Crown Terrace, San Francisco
Cost: optional donation

I invite you to discover the essential world of the Earth’s soul , her invisible spiritual dimension that navigates life and spiritual and physical evolution of the planet, her influence on your everyday life, and how to delve deeper within your soul development and this incarnation through awakening your relationship with the living Earth and her reflection in you.

In this experiential gathering we will discover how to connect and communicate with the soul of the land and its reflection in us. Through this process we can attune to the spiritual evolution of the Earth’s soul and how to integrate the spiritual aspects of evolution in the most practical ways; awaken the abilities to consciously participate in the spiritual dimension of the Earth and our own inner systems. This experience will allow for new ways of living to emerge that are in harmony with the spirit of the planet and the evolution of the soul. Let us catch the rhythm with the live processes in us and the Earth and start living this untapped reality.

Andrej Loncar works with groups, individuals, organizations, and families on the discovery of the complex function systems of the divine spirit embedded within our bodies and the physical body of the Earth.

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