Collaborating with the Soul of Landscapes

Sunday, July 22, 2012Decoding and Engaging the Invisible Dimensions of Landscapes to Reach Lasting Peace


Earth’s landscapes, as expressions of its Soul, each have a spiritual function, character, and energetic and emotional structures that they emanate throughout the space.

If we choose to reawaken our ability to recognize different functions and identities of landscapes, through that process we receive a mirror image of our own innermost essence, and as a result:

  • The potency of the landscapes can be unlocked from the mechanical grid that our civilization has put upon all life on Earth
  • Abundant life forces can stream into our lives that were previously locked
  • We can emerge from the shadows and replace our civilization of the one-dimensional rationality with the civilization of the spiritual quality of the heart that can offer solutions to countless problems that we have been struggling with for thousands of years

Lecture Location: Glen Canyon Park entrance next to the tennis courts – Elk St. on corner with Chenery St., 5 minutes from Glen Park BART station.

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