Cosmic Ballerina’s Terrestrial Flow

April 5, 2015

Sunday, April 5 – from 10am-3pm (11 San Jacinto WaySan Francisco)

Cost $45

Earth, our host and wise teacher, through the process of evolution of her spirit and in relation to her place and role in the universe, has completely transformed the structure of her inner spiritual and energetic space. This long transition has culminated in the past several years when this new space has been inaugurated and the energy gradually withdrew from the old energetic structures. All these changes deeply affect humans individually and collectively and are stimulating our transformation onto new spiritual levels. It is up to us to recognize these changes within our energy fields, to recognize how our relationship with the divine and the Earth’s soul has changed, and to synchronize our lives with the new spiritual flow of the planet.

However, humans have not yet fully recognized this, and are still holding tightly to the old structures that we created during thousands of years that are behind us. With it we are feeding a structure that is no more, we are grasping for this illusion out of fear or lack of understanding as to what the new grounding is, how it functions, and how to live in harmony with the evolution of the planet.

A specific cosmic influence plays an important role now within Earth’s life system that is supporting this transition and that has helped establish the newly formed life flow within and on the planet.

I invite you to join us to examine this cosmic flow – the dance of the Cosmic “Ballerina” – within the Earth, its importance and reflection in the energetic flow of the Bay Area, and its functioning system within each of us. We will learn how to perceive this within us and the Earth and how to work with this new flow in our daily lives. This will support your personal transition and it will allow this system to appear in the life of humanity more transparently.

You are welcome to join us for any (or all) of the three events that will be working with this active phenomena.  Each event will deal with a different aspect of this work.

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