Earth – Navigating all Streams of Consciousness

June 29, 2014

Awaken to the Earth’s Soul Series


In our quest to discover and engage Earth soul’s life-flow, her expression in different landscapes and how it is reflected in each of us let’s meet to explore the area just South of the Fillmore Center.

It could be challenging to maintain our conscious connection to the soul within us and the Earth’s spiritual realm in today’s complex world. Let’s explore this place together to discover how the Earth’s soul navigates the complexities of all aspects of life within her domain. Can we recognize how this system functions within each of us and open to it in daily life?

Let’s meet in front of Fillmore Street Café at 1301 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94115 – this is on the corner with Eddie Street.

We will be there on Sunday, June 29 at 12-2pm.

With love,

April and Andrej



One thought on “Earth – Navigating all Streams of Consciousness”

  1. When I connected the images and feelings were those of bridge parts moving, and me moving with the parts and the bridge. In other words the bridge was moving, the road that was on the bridge was also moving, and once I stepped onto the bridge I also moved (all parts of me were moving as part of the bridge) and I noticed how the bridge is also part of the grand existence and how we are part of it while we also move.

    Everything was separated and also connected. I was becoming conscious that I wanted to synchronize my being and movement/action with the grand existence…and how does this synchronization change my movement/life in the here and now? How do we feel as part of the whole, what is our task inseparable from grand existence, how do we synchronize, and how do we go along – utmost freedom is consciously being part of the divine and acting out of it…

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