Earth’s Consciousness & Relationship w/Humanity

July 18– Earth’s Consciousness & Relationship w/Humanity

How would life on Earth be different if we were always in conscious communication with the divine realm that shapes life on this planet? How do we reach that place within that upon touching it, opens up the heart and guides us to a new way of being?

Our connection to the spiritual world is constantly available to every one of us but for the most part, we no longer recognize it. What if we were able to widen our vision to see a new potential beyond the current narrow focus of our lives?

An important step in addressing these questions is to (re)discover the life of the living Earth. By developing the sensitivity and the language to communicate with the divine and the Earth, and to feel it in our energy spheres, we can help birth new ways of living in harmony with the spiritual dimension and the planet. We can redefine the role of family, nurture individual soul development processes, and reawaken the unity between all people that arises from the deep touch of the heart.


  • Introduction of work with Earth and human life field, its applications, ways of living, personal transformation, community
  • Presentations: Robin Gurung – experience in working with the Earth’s soul
  •                         Linda Lingane – contact among people & technology
  • Current projects in harmony with Earth’s soul and life flow
  • Q&A
  • Meditation connection with the Earth
  • Deep work with one current spiritual aspect of the Bay and Earth
  • Community time – get to know each other, hang out and be in the sacred space with each other