Engaging Earth’s Spirit Systems & Activating Personal Life Codes (Big Sur)

June 24-26

Discovering and Engaging Earth’s Spirit Systems


Activating Personal Life Codes

Big Sur

June 2016 and future weekends TBA

Intensive Training Program

(With Andrej Loncar)


We invite you to join us to experience the spiritual and energetic world of the Earth’s soul and its reflection in you.  Find and access the sacred layout of the inner spirit system as you start to recognize it amid the current projected realities within the human experiences.  Transform old structures in your field so you can enter new spaces within you that are connected to the current evolution processes of the planet and humanity.  Step deeper within yourself and your incarnation and access the truth of individual and collective life codes experienced from the spirit headquarters within you.  Make a decisive step toward living and creating out of the spiritual dimension now.


The necessary step for humanity at this turning point of our evolution is to discover and fully experience the context in which we live.


During our lifetime, we are inseparable from the Earth’s soul and her energetic grid and yet we have lost touch with the soul of our planet.  Many of us have lost our orientation as spiritual beings and need to rediscover our true identity and function based upon our connection with the source of the life of the Universe and the soul of the Earth.


Our “awakening” and shifting to living in the spiritual dimension of the here and now is not inherently a part of our current human experience.  Thankfully, it is something that is here for us to discover and embrace.   To do this, we are invited to embark on a journey to experience our direct connection with the Earth’s spiritual systems and their reflection in us, to experience complex spirit systems within each of us and discover our individual life codes as well as the collective codes of humanity.   Along this journey, we are given the opportunity to find ourselves and to see, feel, and participate in the spiritual dimension of the here and now that can otherwise remain hidden amid all the outside beauty of our world.


Learning how to connect with the Earth and communicate with its soul, its identity, and its function on the spiritual level (locally, regionally, and planetary) is one of the most important aspects of spiritual development at this time of human evolution. Without this, we cannot access the full extent of the human potential. With some experience, this process becomes very practical and concrete.  The Earth becomes your constant companion and wise teacher as she guides you through the layers and dimensions of her magnificent living organism.   As you learn how to interpret and follow divine impulses within the spiritual flow of the Universe, she will empower you to experience how to let go of conclusions and associations embedded within the mind, and receive the energetic imprint of the current transformation of the Earth and its reflection within you.  This process is highly transformational.


What is next within us to develop and mature?    This process offers guidance as to what steps to take and how to travel deeper and deeper within our incarnation, easing us towards freedom and wisdom, building foundations for future generations out of this sacred connection.


I look forward to sharing this opportunity and this journey into the depths of the Earth’s soul and our own.


Andrej Loncar

(Discovering the Divine World in People & Earth * Soul development & Personal transformation

Liberating life flow in People & Earth * Birthing new fulfilling ways of living) 









The soul of the land at Big Sur reaches deep through the subtle spirit life channels of the entire planet. Its sacred function for the Earth and humanity is deeply embedded in the spiritual and energetic layers of this land and in this way it shapes lives of people living there and the life of our planet. In our quest to discover and engage Earth soul’s life-flow, her expression in different landscapes and how it is reflected in each of us let’s explore the sacred land of Big Sur and its implications for us individually and the world. Through this process we will have a chance to transform old patterns, allow our souls to engage in life more directly, and start to consciously participate in the life of the Earth (one of the most fulfilling and gratifying experiences).


Program Details & Schedule

  • Three weekends, Friday 6:30pm-9pm, Saturday 9am-8pm, Sunday 9am-8pm
  • Comprehensive group homework in between the weekends to continue the personal development and to keep us in the sacred space in between the three gatherings
  • We will meet indoors for the Friday evening portion of the work
  • Saturdays and Sundays we will be outside all day, visiting 2-4 places each day to learn how to connect with the soul of the Earth through deep meditative and other transformative processes
  • We will spend time sharing our experiences and discovering what is it that we have perceived
  • We will also engage in deep transformational processes at each location in order to stimulate our own development and also to make our contribution in accepting the spiritual dimension of the Earth into the life of humanity collectively


Program Scope & Benefits

  • Develop ability to improve and maintain your health as you develop the sensitivity to work with your own energy field and keep the life flow open
  • Experience deep levels of peace, meaning, fulfillment, and purpose in your daily life
  • Experience our relationship with the divine in us and the soul of the Earth with all her dimensions within her physical body
  • Help liberate the Earth’s life flow that has been seriously obstructed by our civilization’s approach and treatment of what is sacred in life
  • Experience spirit systems of the soul of the Earth, her expression in different lands, and its influence on us and our interconnectedness on this deeper level
  • Engage in personal transformation in direct contact with the Earth and the Universe
  • Enter deeper into the layout of your incarnation and start creating out of it
  • Live out of the sanctity of life experienced through the connection with the Earth and the Universe


What to Bring

Be prepared for different weather conditions so you can be comfortable to be outside the entire day

Something to sit on, rain gear if needed, sun gear, bug sprays if you need it, blanket, notebook, and enough food and drink to last you from 9am-8pm.


June 24-26

Future Dates TBA

(Friday 6:30pm-9pm, Saturday 9am-8pm, Sunday 9am-8pm)


Participants are responsible for their own logging (please let us know if we can assist you with this)


$340-$395 (sliding scale depending on your income level) per weekend that also includes comprehensive group homework to allow you to go deeper and stay in the sacred space in between our weekend gatherings, and the necessary correspondence about the work and the homework.

If you need assistance with payments please let me know and we can create a monthly payment plan (example: you could pay $150 monthly or so until you pay it off). This payment is for the training program and does not include logging and food. Participants are responsible to cover their own logging and food costs.