Enter the Living Earth (Corte Madera)

Mar. 27, 2016.

In my support of the spiritual evolution processes of our planet that require our personal/collective transformation and integration of these processes in our lives, I have organized three experiential events.

We will work do find entry ways to connect with these processes within each of us, accessing new places within our energy field, and discovering the new energetic body that has evolved within us following the evolution of the Universe and the Earth (and learn what it means to live with the sources of life and the Earth’s soul).

Enter the Living Earth

Connect with the Spiritual Flow of the Planet &
Engage New Spirit Spaces within your Life Field

Marin – Corte Madera (meet at around 298 Westward drive, at the end of the street)
Sunday, March 27, 2016

COST: $10-$15 sliding scale

RSVP: andrej@breathofcreation.org
FYI: I will soon start regular weeknight New Earth meditation sessions in Marin and Oakland, as well as short training program (6 evening sessions) and a comprehensive training program (6 full weekend units).

For more information about the work please see the links:

Looking forward to seeing you there,