Multidimensional Reality and the Task of Humanity

Friday, February 11, 2011

Perceiving Subtle Dimensions & Our Role in the Coming Earth Changes

An introduction to a series of 3 workshops being offered in the Spring of 2011

IMG_0550This lecture will introduce ways to perceive subtle multidimensional reality within landscapes, our homes, and our bodies and will describe our human role in the coming Earth changes.

With this knowledge, human beings have the possibility to collaborate with the Earth to bring forth the New Space reality that is anchored in the original fields of creation through the spiritual dimension of our hearts.

By re-connecting with and activating our organs for inner perception of the invisible multidimensional reality of landscape, the Earth soul, and of ourselves, human beings can work with the Earth in her evolution and self healing process and consciously start creating the birth of the civilization of peace.


For more information please contact Andrej at (240) 893 4040,


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