Portals of the Spiritual Dimension

September 21, 2014 Awaken to the Living Earth Series

Portals of the Spiritual Dimension of the Earth and People


In our quest to discover and engage Earth soul’s life-flow, her expression in different landscapes and how it is reflected in each of us let’s meet to explore some special areas inside the Golden Gate Park Botanical Garden.

The path to the divine origin of life and the true connection with the Earth’s soul resides in each of us. Vast depths of the spiritual dimension through which we can experience all corners of the universe and the spirit can be accessible to everyone. The question remains: Are we capable of passing the “test of purity of intention and being” in the presence of the Earth’s soul and the divine origin of the Universe in order to be able to access this incredible place?

Let’s meet at the entrance to the Golden Gate Park Botanical Garden. The entrance is free if you are a San Francisco resident and for all others it is $7.

We will be there on Sunday, September 21, from 12-2pm.


In case you need to reach Andrej, his phone number is (240) 893 4040.

With love,

Andrej and April

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