Re-membering Our Connection to Source

March 8, 2014

Soul & its interplay with Earth & Source

Join us at El Polin Spring in the Presidio to explore ways of tapping into the essence of this sacred source, water, how it expresses its true nature and it affects people. Through a variety of exercises we will connect with the spring within us and the soul of this landscape. This will lead us to surrender to our souls and sense its deep relationship to everything around us.

Soul’s Interplay with Earth & Source


Let’s meet on Sunday, March 23rd, in front of Presidio Café – 300 Finley Rd, San Francisco, CA 94129.


We will meet from 12pm until about 2pm.


With love,


Kimberly and Andrej




Re-membering our Soul – its Interplay with Earth & Source

Surrender to the Soul – its Interplay with Earth & Source

Re-membering Our Connection to Source: Communing With The Spring within ourselves and the landscape.
How to move/live/act as individual that is in cohesion to the group – after you are looking from the eyes of the soul and are fully connected to the divine source of life of the universe and the Earth’s soul…(impulse cosmic…Bay communicated with me…March 8, 2014)


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