Releasing the “Inner Child”

September 14, 2014


Awaken to the Living Earth Series

Releasing the “Inner Child” – Freedom to Truly Live


Do we have the strength to unlock the possibility to release the “inner child” in each of us from the depths of our inner worlds? In our quest to discover and engage Earth soul’s life-flow, her expression in different landscapes and how it is reflected in each of us let’s meet to explore the area at and around Rolph Nicol Playground near Lake Merced and ask to Earth how we can fulfill this inherent ability.


Has the genuine free expression of the enthusiasm and the depth of the heart faltered into the numbness of convention? Have we lost all of our potency for creating only out of the true deep leadership and expression of the heart, and our ability to live in happiness? Can the land at and around this playground help us recover what we lost and bring to life again the freedom to release our “inner child” and all that comes with it? Do we have the strength to unlock this possibility for the entire region?


Let’s meet at the entrance to the Rolph Nicol Playground on Eucalyptus Drive between 24th Ave. and 25th Ave. This is a few blocks away Lake Merced and Stern Grove.


We will be there on Sunday, September 14, from 12-2pm.


In case you need to reach Andrej, his phone number is (240) 893 4040.


With love,

Andrej and April

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