Shaping the Future of Humanity – Soul of Yerba Buena Gardens

Saturday October 6th 2012

Open yourself to New Aspects of Earth’s Essence

Join us on this eminent journey to explore the invisible dimensions of the new Earth, and to decode and unlock the function of this important place for Earth and humanity.

Why Yerba Buena?

This area marks one of the most significant points on the planet at this time, a place where Earth wishes to offer humanity access to new ways of development that were born through years of Earth’s spiritual evolution.

Our Role:

For the soul of Earth to fully reach the hearts and souls of humanity, we must consciously recognize the function, identity, and the essence of places like Yerba Buena Gardens.

Through conscious communication with such places of importance, we begin to allow these new gifts being offered by Earth to become part of us, thus opening up to greater possibilities of living in harmony with one another, Earth and the Cosmos.

With recognizing our deep connectedness with Earth and the Cosmos, we can reintegrate our inner potential that is lured into outdated and limiting patterns, allowing our souls to find full expression in human life.

Workshop Focus:

  • To enter into deep communication with the Soul of the land at Yerba Buena Gardens
  • To decode the purpose and function of this important location
  • To heal and align ourselves with Earth’s energies and impulses
  • To accept what Earth is offering towards living in harmony with all aspects of Earth and her community

Experiential Activities:

  • Share/Discuss experiences, visions, and intuitions we receive
  • Engage in Spiritual/Energetic/Experiential expression to support and deepen the connection made with the Soul of the land at Yerba Buena Gardens
  • Discuss the possibility of developing a group project based on the day’s work and revelations

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