Soul of the Bay Area Landscape

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sacred Alchemy of Life Creation & Evolution

Can the Soul of the Bay Teach Us to Awaken the Essence of its Spiritual Function to Build Foundations for a Society that is in Sync with Spiritual Dimensions?

We all have the ability to reawaken our perception of the invisible spiritual dimension – the breath of creation – that permeates everything within our physical world: our bodies, the planet, animals, and plants. Through triggering this ability we can start to experience different dimensions of the Earth’s soul, her landscapes, and people, as well as other expressions of consciousness and inter-dimensional existence.

Once we have this experience and are able to communicate with the invisible sources of life, quantum leap of the development of all aspects of a human being can start to manifest, and breakthrough in all facets of our society that we have been struggling with for thousands of years can begin.

Sacred landscape of the San Francisco Bay embodies the ability to create all aspects of the ‘cell’ of life and to constantly evolve it. I invite you to discover how to embody these same functions in our daily lives and implement them as fundamental functioning aspects of the society through exploration and communication with the soul and the energetic structure of this magnificent landscape.

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