Syncing with Earth’s Soul

Mar. 11-12, 2017


This workshop has an intent to connect us with places around the Bay Area and within us that can guide us to:


  • Discover how to “position” ourselves within and how to go through current and upcoming dynamic processes that are starting to show more on the physical level
  • Awaken what we can each offer to ourselves and the world – what wants to be “invented” and brought into individual and community life

In the past week or so the Earth has made additional steps in showing us her inner process and how that will affect us. She is constantly leading us to new territories while we have been lingering in the land of the past. What is happening to those who are striving to be consciously connected, and how will we coexist in the common space with the world that has released its spiritual connection? How is Earth managing this and what can we see that is developing now that will manifest in the near future in terms of paths for those who can connect?

I invite you to come together and connect with the Earth and her lands in the San Francisco Bay Area that emanate these developments and where we can discover and embody the answers to the above questions and processes.

Background: The Earth is constantly going through her processes of spiritual development. The current wave of her evolution that humanity is participating in relates to the shift from the world of survival and reasoning based on past information into the world of consciousness and spiritual development. This process requires deep search and transformation, and eventually a complete change of our way of life as a society. This transition presents us with many challenges and many wonderful opportunities. One of the wonderful things I discovered is that one can communicate with the source of life and the soul of the Earth within us and attune to these potent processes and follow their impulse. We will discover together how to sense this in our bodies, energetic systems, as well as on the soul level, and the important developments and adjustments to watch for in the coming period. 


Workshop will include: meditation for preliminary connection before the weekend, a day and a half workshop, weekend follow up and sharing via e-mail, and meditation after the weekend to support initiated processes.

When: March 11-12, 2017
Saturday, 2-6pm
Sunday, 9am-7:30pm

Where: San Francisco Bay Area – on Saturday we will work in one or two locations, and Sunday we will likely go to several locations. We can talk about car-pooling and logistics as we get closer to the date.

Cost: $200-$230 sliding scale

Registration: To register please e-mail Andrej at
What to bring: enough food and drinks to last you the entire day until about 8pm, layers of clothing so we are prepared for all weather conditions (including rain, sun, and wind), something you can sit on without getting wet, extra pair of shoes or waterproof shoes, sun hat and sun screen, insect repellent if you need it, a notebook. 

I hope to see you soon. From the heart,

Andrej (Living Earth Magazine) (Avenya non-profit organization)