Synergy of Earth’s Dimensions – its Reflection within Humans

Saturday, February 22, 2013

Voyage through Earth’s Dimensions


Hello Everyone,

I propose that we meet on Saturday, February 22 in front of Potrero Hill Recreation Center

(801 Arkansas Street, between 22nd St & 23rd St., San Francisco, CA 94107).

We will meet from 12pm until about 2pm.


Let’s explore the sacred space with the Earth as we delve into different exercises in perception to connect to the essence of this land, to its soul, and share what we communicated. We will look at different ways to connect and engage in the work with the spirit of the land.


After intense processes of 2012 we entered a time of diluted focus. Many spiritual “engines” have been ignited and energies released. We have to recognize all these components and then discover a way to awaken and embody this possibility within us. Only then we can learn how to navigate through the complexity that we have on our hands.


On the contrary we face a possibility to become a new Babylon that finally perished because everyone spoke a different language and communication ceased. I don’t think that is our fate, and that is why we are called to engage – to learn the language of the Earth and the Spirit within us so we can start a long but beautiful process of re-integration of humanity into the Earth’s universe.


Let us explore this place together, awaken to the universal language that binds us all, and learn from the spirit of the land what we can do to participate in the work of the spirit in Earth and in us in the most pure way.


With love,

Andrej and Kimberly




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