Training Program – Starting June 2015

June 27-28, 2015

Earth’s Soul & Personal Life Field

Integrating the Spiritual Aspects of Human and Earth Evolution



Training Program description:


As the Earth continues her evolution path, the intensity and the shape of those potent processes will find different reflection within humanity based on our ability to integrate the corresponding spiritual aspects in our individual and collective lives. Deepening our abilities to differentiate between the life and path of the soul from the outdated patterned living that needs to be transformed is of the utmost importance at this time. In that way we will establish the spiritual foundation for natural creation of new ways of personal, family, and societal living that is in harmony with evolution of the soul and the soul of the Earth.


In order for humans to reach the elusive true inner peace that we have been seeking for thousands of years we will need to:

  • Experience on a much deeper level the spiritual and energetic structure of our personal life fields and examine all that goes on in the aura
  • Experience our relationship with the divine in us and the soul of the Earth with all her dimensions within her physical body
  • Integrate Earth’s evolution changes on the spiritual and energetic levels within individual energetic structure and soul’s path
  • Learn to integrate Earth’s evolution changes into completely new ways of living, and in such way support harmonizing life of the Earth with the life of humanity



This experiential training will lead us deep into discovering the presence of the soul, the relationship of the soul and the divine source of life through live experience within us, and the relationship with the Earth’s soul. Through different processes and exercises we will work to discover and experience multitude of dimensions in us and the Earth/land. We will develop our inner language for interaction with the spiritual dimension of the planet in each land, and through it discover what is our connection and relationship, how the land influences us, how we can foster our personal development and find inner peace through this relationship. At the same time, through these deep processes we will help liberate Earth’s natural spiritual and energetic flow that has been altered by our ways of living.


We will work to discover spiritual and energetic systems within the human body and life field (the aura) as well as the spiritual and energetic systems within the Earth. We will begin to experience the current state of energetic flow within us and the Earth, what this flow would like to become, and how we can help it develop. We will discover aspects of the new Earth living paradigm, integrate it within our individual life fields, and find practical ways to incorporate it within our personal and community lives, and initiate developing projects that would be in harmony with the Earth’s soul.


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This is a deep comprehensive program consisting of 6 interrelated weekend units (Saturdays and Sundays 9am-7pm). We will work in many landscapes of the Bay Area, most likely 4-7 different places each weekend.


Proposed Dates

(Can be somewhat adjusted if majority requests. Please e-mail dates that best work for you)


June 27-28 (or possibly June 6-7)

July 25-26

August 15-16

September 12-13

October 3-4

October 24-25

(November 7-8, back up date)



$285-$375 Sliding scale (this is what people would pay per weekend per person)

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