Window to the World of the Soul

Oct. 18, 2015

Maturing to the Next Planes of Existence
Open the Gate for the Children of the World

Experiential Event & Presentations

Earth soul’s spiritual/energetic matrix and the processes of her spiritual development are reflected in our own energetic structure. Soul of the Earth and the divine source of the Universe, through their current process of spiritual evolution have shaped a window of opportunity for humanity to:

• Uncover the entry into the world of the spirit within us and the Earth
• Practically translate this process and what we find there into daily life
• Start to create new ways of living streaming from and resembling the life of the spirit and the soul

Through discovering life in the spiritual dimension of the Earth we are maturing onto the next planes of existence. If we step through this gate within us, we could birth programs for parents and children to find inner gates of transformation and direct development of the soul, and open the path for the children of the world who will inherit what we create.
Join us on Saturday, October 18, 2015, in Creekside Park, Kentfield, from 2-6pm to:
• Experience deep work with the spiritual dimension in us and the Earth
• Attend two presentations about deep Earth work manifesting in different ways
• Connect with people who have started to embrace life in connection to the divine and are already shaping new ways of living and creating a portal for many to reconnect and find peace
April, Linda, Loo, Brian, Robin, and Andrej

Event details:

October 17, 2015 (2-6pm)
Creekside Park, Kentfield, CA 94904
Suggested donation $10