World of the Earth’s Soul

October 24, 2014

Unlocking Systems of Inner Evolving of the Planet and Humanity

Friday, October 24, 2014,   7:30-9pm

 Waldorf School of the Peninsula (Los Altos Campus, Hearth room)


Lecture Presentation and Meditation for the Earth by

Andrej Loncar

Earth’s soul with all her invisible dimensions, as part of the divine creation, is embedded within the physical body of our planet and her landscapes. It navigates life and its spiritual and physical evolution on the planet. During our lifetime we are inseparable from the Earth’s soul and her energetic grid that permeates every inch of the planet’s surface and its interior. This lecture will explore the functioning system of the spiritual organism of the soul of the Bay Area, how to unlock personal and planetary inner systems of evolving, and how to live in sync with the life and evolution of the planet.

Cost: voluntary donation at the door

(All proceeds will go to Waldorf School of the Peninsula)

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