A Great Birth of our Time

October 2016

 The current state of spiritual evolution of the Earth’s soul and the new parameters of her spiritual & energetic life field 

 The quest to find the true frequency of the Earth’s spiritual dimension within each of us

With an exercise to synchronize ourselves with our soul’s path and with the soul of the Earth


Since the beginning of this year, the soul of the Earth has set an unprecedented new course in her spiritual development. As a natural process in its spiritual evolution and in reaction to our self-absorbed way of living, that for the most part disregards the existence of the Earth’s soul and her spiritual dimension as well as the source of life of the Universe, and in preparation for her next phase of development, the Earth’s soul has retreated to the core of our planet and is reflecting back to us to shift our own focus inside, to witness what is happening with the spirit within each of us.

This new situation is now requesting that we find Earth’s life pulse and redefine our connection with it or remain outside of her life flow. This new course offers humanity a chance to birth a new culture of spiritual development, peace, and truth. However, this possibility comes with a great challenge: to find the “real” voice of the soul of the Earth and the divine source within us and embrace the true personal transformation that is needed in order to recognize the spiritual dimension of our planet. Humanity, as if a disoriented boxer, is trying hard to find these sacred coordinates and yet this new course eludes us. The voice of the Earth’s soul is becoming fainter to us as we falter through space as if in a collective amnesia of the deeper connection to life and its meaning. 

If we are able to locate this lost orientation and find the new grounding, we could start recognizing new ways of living that stream from our connection with the spiritual dimension of the Earth and the Universe. The flow of the spirit is moving forward – will we find a way to move with it and become a part of Earth’s movement to birth this new culture, or will we lose ourselves even more in the self-absorbed disorientation of the current way of living?     


The World of the Soul and the Illusion of Meaning

Deep within me somewhere I can faintly feel breathing – something different from the usual breaths I am aware of – its flavor, depth, vigor, and feeling of being reunited with the most loving and caring place within me. As I shift my attention inward, and start to flow through the channels of the inner world, I arrive at a place that is far less dense, filled with pastel colors, where the rhythm of movement is slower and calmer, yet more efficient, where there is a sense of fulfillment amid hard work, where breathing is light, slow, and very deep and it feels almost like every breath is its own eternity, all the breaths are one. When I reach this place in my inner world and allow myself to be fully immersed in it, my outer breathing calms down and deepens. I feel lightness all around me, and everything inside of myself, my body, my mind, my emotions, start to tune into it and to adjust to this rhythm and its sense of purpose and deep meaning.

As part of humanity, I feel the shallow breaths, the racing energy in my internal systems that follow the heartbeat of this world. But, deeper down, in the unknown depths of our planet, there is a faint pulse that leads me into its inner world to a place that seems to have a life of its own, a place that I am drawn to, that I trust, that feels like freedom.  A place that engages deep, demanding work within me that doesn’t feel difficult for me or anyone else who enters this place. A place that suddenly opens my perception to reveal visions, knowledge, and experiences previously out of my reach, lost in the vibration of the frantic world of the shallow breaths and disoriented purpose.

In these dynamic and rapidly changing times, it is of existential importance to experience and fully embrace the appearance of these newly emerging divine waves of spiritual evolution of the Universe and the spirit of our planet. This new segment in the spiritual evolution of Earth and humanity is directly reflected in all physical, energetic, emotional, psychological, and spiritual fields embedded within the Earth and within each of us. However, our lack of experience of direct contact with the spirit world, with the divine spark in us, and with the living soul of the Earth, in the most tangible and practical ways, keeps us tied to the world of humanity that functions outside of the spiritual sphere and is based on concepts of reality told by others and not experienced by us (sometimes we even think that we had an experience of connection with the spirit when in fact we are projecting this connection while staying outside of it).

In the meantime, the essential world of the spirit and the soul of the Earth are now existing in a parallel reality to ours, accessible to us if we can find ways to reach it through our own inner world. This sacred process requires establishing a direct contact/touch and constantly developing and deepening our experience.

The magnitude of what the Earth as a spirit has integrated into her living organism and is already expressing can be overwhelming for us at this juncture. We may feel torn as we are consciously or subconsciously feeling some of the Earth’s development impulses that are encouraging certain developments in our inner systems, and on the other hand we are not receiving a validation from our community, from humanity, and we do not necessarily see what we would do and how we would live if not like we live today.

Even those of us who are on the “progressive” and spiritual side may find ourselves thinking that this “progressive” impulse is the answer when it is only a reaction to the opposite side of our collective out-of-balance state of being and living. We are not understanding and trusting spirit’s guidance as our minds are trained to trust other things.  We are still very much interpreting reality three-dimensionally, meaning we look at it only on the level of cause and effect on the material/physical level rather than on the spiritual level that supersedes physical manifestation; and we are so deeply rooted in the ways things are set up to work today, what everyone else does, that we don’t put nearly as much energy into deepening our connection and acting out of it. And this disparity has reached a critical point.

Accessing a full connection with the soul of the Earth at this time requires our ability to let go of old patterns, projections, and views of the world that keep us locked in a three-dimensional portrayal of the world. The good news is that the deep chambers of our hearts are prepared for this transition, although it requires our recognition and practical implementation of the higher spiritual mechanisms that could be discovered through a direct contact with the spirit and the soul of the Earth. In the meantime, the distance between the spiritual world of the planet and our world is growing.


The Temporary “Pause” and Relief, and Then…

In the recent days of the second part of August 2016, an interesting phenomenon occurred within our planet. The stress caused by the disparity of our current way of living with the life flow of the spirit and the soul of our planet seems to have moved away. However, deep down in my sacred connection with the sources of life the tension is still very much present. So how does this illusion of tranquility appear in our perception now? The answer again can be found when we do what it takes to allow ourselves to connect with the sources of life within us. Namely, the Earth went a step deeper in her path since her life energy positioned itself in relation to us in a way that we can only connect with her consciously if we find ways to enter and reach her life core.

As the Earth has completed yet another stage of her development and enabled another layer of her inner spiritual and energetic channels to integrate the waves of evolution embedded within the Universe and the Earth, this step distanced her from us even more leaving us in a temporary state of “floating” as her inner voice is becoming fainter and fainter to us. At this moment this potent layer within her fine spirit layers that has completed its transformation and integration of the consciousness inflow is taking a breath before it starts to let her mechanism operate fully. This “pause” has created a sense of temporary relief in this situation where we are searching for simple connection with life flow within us (rather than an association with ideas, ideologies, or philosophical teachings that we try to abide to with no lasting success). When the Earth starts to exhale and release the life energy to put the newly created layers of her inner spiritual system into action, we can safely assume that things on our physical plane will start to stretch in many directions at the same time. This stretching will be felt within each of us, our buttons will be pushed, and the tension within us will grow because of it. You can already imagine how this could look. My feeling is that even those of us who have less buttons to be pushed will be challenged.

Due to this situation, this is a good moment for each of us to knock on the door within us beyond which is the artery of life in order to get ourselves in sync with the pulse of the sources of life and prepare for the upcoming movement of the Earth once she puts into operation the newly enabled fine space within her. Predetermining what you believe in (creating an image of what you think is real and important in life) can be a good contemplative start to a spiritual journey. It is alright to do so and then let it go, because if we carry a firm image of what is important, what is real, and how things work, we can block our access to the deepest truth of a given moment. This truth that is far beyond what we can conjure up with our thinking alone and can be accessed through developing our sensitivity to communicate through our inner spiritual organs through which we are connected to the spirit and to the soul of the Earth.

This is why our best course of action at this moment is to: explore the spiritual dimension of our hearts; experience our connection with the source of life of the Universe and the soul of the Earth; feel and express your own soul;  let go of all your projections and fears while connecting in order to avoid projecting into the connection and remaining outside of it when looking into it (which is almost equal to not being connected for the most part); and to act several times per day out of your conscious and actual connection with the sources of life within you – this means making moment to moment decisions based on your established connection that provides the vast pool of information beyond our logical reasoning and often times points to solutions beyond our rational comprehension.

Moreover, it is a challenge and also a great opportunity to access greater truth and peace through decoding the energy of the present moment based on what it actually is rather than based on the words that are spoken. If we can sense the exact energy that the communication carries, we will be able to distinguish the truth from the mental ideas of what was portrayed as truth (even if we are really trying to be honest we can still be missing a good portion of truth if not perceiving the current truth from a place of direct connection with the source of life within us that is reflected on the energetic level).

Starting to build our personal world based on something we cannot see is challenging because of our lack of experience in this. Developing trust in our connection with the divine world and the soul of the Earth (who is also a part of the divine world) is of utmost importance. This trust can help deepen our connection, allow us more insight into the life of the spirit and its current processes that impact us and help us integrate what we perceived with our inner eyes into the daily life. This integration then opens further energy channels as it invites life forces to actively participate in our day-to-day activities creating meaning, fulfillment, and peace.

A potent challenge that we feel now is connected to the rift within us caused by the inflow of consciousness into our sphere of life as experienced over the past several years. Most of us have also experienced the partial inability to integrate this new consciousness due to strongly held old patterning, projections of reality, and fears, which subsequently sever our connection with the source of life and make this current situation increasingly radical in this growing rift. This increasing push and pull causes loss of true grounding, emotional depression, anger bottling up, the need to rebel, and the loss control.

Since most people on the planet are experiencing this consciousness inflow coupled with the partial inability to integrate it as we firmly hold onto old projections, patterns and fears, the separation within us is growing on a collective level, creating greater turbulence in daily life as a manifestation of this disconnect on the spiritual level.

The support is surely there from the spiritual realm for us to redefine and experience anew our connection with the source of life and the soul of the Earth, and to find their beat within us as we release the old projections and fears. However, it is also increasingly challenging to find the “real” connection within us among all the voices of the past that permeate our collective sphere holding us captivated to the idea of truth rather than connecting us to the actual truth in a given moment.


An Image of Truth?!

The image the Earth showed me in my communication with the spiritual dimension of the planet was that of a throne in the middle of a vast space. This throne is standing very close to us and its image and the space around are still and very saturated and defined to the last detail. At that moment the Earth pointed to my connection with the Universe and the soul of the Earth. As I started to feel this connection more deeply I was able to drop a level deeper/lower from this image of the throne. The view became multidimensional (as opposed to the previous three-dimensional image), it started to spread, and the image of the strictly and narrowly defined reality started to crumble – and the image of the throne and the still Universe also crumbled away. Beyond it vast fields of the spirit and truth appeared. As I witnessed this, I felt how the same structure of reality within me started to crumble and deeper levels of being within me became accessible. Then, I noticed in the vast new space around me how the communication and exchange with many beings of the Universe and the Earth previously sealed by our fixed representation of reality had opened up in a multitude of steps and layers in front of me.

The spiritual dimension is available, but at this moment it is our responsibility to reach for it, to find it within us and the Earth. The challenge is how to find the true voice of the soul of the Earth amid all the collective voices of the past that hold us captivated to the idea of truth while the real connection and deeper layers stay outside of our reach. If we persevere and establish daily contact with the source of life and the soul of our planet, we will be inviting the new Earth paradigm into our sphere of reality with each connection.

Then we will put ourselves in a position to create new ways of living that stream from that connection and that are different in their origin as they will have passed all the tests of the truth and necessary personal transformation through a live journey to source in us.

And finally, an important step is needed to put our connection to work in daily life and not keep it compartmentalized to a meditation/prayer time. It is important that we live moment to moment in such ways and make decisions out of our connection.


Exercise to synchronize yourself with your soul’s path and with the soul of the Earth

  • Be present within your body; ask to feel the presence of the source of life within you as well as the life energy streaming from the soul of the Earth
  • Then notice an egg shaped space within your torso – going from just above your heart to the space a bit below your belly button
  • Inside of this space, in the center is something very important that is awaiting you
  • In order to get to it, you need to arrive to the center, but there is no path, no steps, no ladders, just air and the space
  • To help you get there do the following: Feel how your feet are reaching down for the center of the Earth. Then you enter the center of the Earth with your attention while at the same time you are present in the here and now
  • Allow the Earth to shape your energy by releasing yourself to the soul of the Earth
  • Then return and bring your attention completely back into you, and allow your new connection with the Earth to help you find a way to get to the center of the circle where something important awaits you
  • Once you make it there meet what is awaiting you and allow the experience to unfold freely, follow its guidance completely
  • Allow what transpires to spread through your life sphere
  • Give thanks to the Earth and to the sacred source of life


Andrej Loncar

September 2016