Angel Island Meditation

November 2019

As I sensed the current processes of inner evolution of the Earth, our human relationship to it and the position we find ourselves, I perceived another meditation for the processes of us being and living in the spiritual world here and now.


The process came while I connected with the Angel Island in the San Francisco Bay.

  • Follow your breath into your body and allow it to guide you though your body.
  • Center yourself in your heart and then allow to sink into the stomach.
  • Surrender to the touch of the Universe, the Earth and your soul for a moment.
  • Then, ask to feel the presence of the spiritual world within you (how you are a part of it).
  • Let the spiritual world in you to guide you to experience one place or one of its aspects within you that wish to reveal themselves to you.
  • Then, see and feel the spiritual world all around you.
  • Once you feel it within you and around you, you will see/feel what it is motioning for you to do in your life, what step to take in the physical world that would take into account how your live energy wants to express while living in the spiritual world in the here and now.
  • Then, make those steps in daily life while being aware of the spiritual world within you and around you (notice what the spiritual world is going through while you are making those steps).
  • Through this you will allow the spiritual world to become part of our world more and more. The steps that you make should be practical and yet stream from you being in the spiritual world here.