Berkeley Earthquake & Its Spiritual Connotation

January 2018

In the early morning hours of January 4, 2018, a strong tremor awoke me in bed. It felt more like jumping up and down rather than shaking. When it stopped, I got up and instantly connected with its origin on the spiritual level and its energetic and physical manifestation.

I instantly saw how through this earthquake, East and West coasts of the USA vanished and the soul of the Earth, and land here, focused its attention to the middle of the continent. As I followed this impulse to the middle of the USA, and how it deepened its experience of being there, I suddenly felt my attention being pulled back and deep down into the Pacific Ocean. Out of there the energetic imprint of the civilization of Atlantis emerged.

When I connected later to experience what this means within my own energy field, I found that the vanishing of two coasts of the US presented itself like two enormous hands – that were holding onto and beneath the ground – released its grip. With this release, the Earth let go of some of the last strongholds of her old grounding – the grounding we are used to in physical, mental, and our warrior ways.

The Earth released its “hands” from maintaining balance within the old-world energy. I also felt that through this earthquake, the Earth has also released the remaining contact with the Atlantis.

My feeling is also that releasing of the energetic imprint of the Atlantis civilization is needed in order for the Earth to completely shift into hew new paradigm, and to allow us the impulse of the new integration of the spiritual dimension within the human being. The imprint of Atlantis carries the vibration of a civilization that used magic for personal gain, and a lot of times under the premise that it is for the benefit of all.

What this earthquake stimulated in me was to search within my energy field where I might be still holding onto the old grounding, and how I might be connected to Atlantis. When working with Atlantis one can search to see if there are feelings of connection that reach all the way to that civilization and how is its impulse still able to touch us today – and if there are remnants of our daily behavior that still draw roots from that long-gone period. Once you discover this, you can start to work on releasing its grip, by consciously acting out of your current spiritual connection with teh Earth and the Universe in daily situations as you recognize how and when you might be acting out of the old connections.

Through that you are getting closer to the Earth’s current spiritual realm, to transforming your field enough so that you can enter and be in it despite of what is taking place in the world around you. You are also giving people an invisible impulse confirming the existence of the spiritual dimension of our planet and you are inviting that world to come forth towards us.

With peace and gratitude,