Earth’s Processes affecting Human Evolution

Earth’s Processes affecting Human Evolution

December 2013 – March 2014

As of December 2013 and January 2014, my sense is that the Earth is going through a period of relaxation after a contraction. The Universe is “moving” with high purpose, in close connection with the Earth, soon to express next steps in the evolution when they become fully ripe. In this period it is important to prepare for the next contraction – listen to our inner direction that is a part of this “movement” of the Universe and the relaxation of the Earth.

Although the energy is moving is a certain direction (like on a river, a period of calm after rapids), it allows us room to reposition for next steps and place some foundation stones before the next contraction/rapid. My attention wants to drift away now following what it seems to be the diminished intensity of the moment. However, it is paramount to retain our surrender to the soul and the connection to the Universe and the Earth, because what we do now will determine in which direction our “boat” moves during the next contraction/rapid.

In this particular phase of “silence,” the focus of the Earth is that of sinking deeper into itself, finding new frontiers that want to be embraced and included in the further development of life. For each of us the frontiers that need to be discovered will be different depending on our personal evolution path, what is currently in line to be incorporated on the developmental level, and the circumstances.


In order to experience Earth’s spiritual and energetic “flow” in this moment, and to discover and embrace our individual frontiers, the Earth has showed me a process to go through in form of a meditation.


Meditation to discover and incorporate New Frontiers within us:

Before every meditation I recommend thre following deep connection:


After the Connection allow your soul to guide you in the following process:

  • Imagine you are moving forward on a scooter that comes to an obstacle: Allow to see what happens when the scooter hits the obstacle or just the moment before. What is your soul and the spirit leading you to?
  • Follow the images, feelings, and sensations that arise
  • After you have allowed enough time for feelings and images to play out in you, you can start to recognize what are these new frontiers within you, and what is your responsibility with them
  • Allow to be led through the process of its function, and see how it can fit into your life


Sharing of my personal experience with this meditation:

My personal frontier showed like this: the vehicle I was in came to a stop and I continued to float forward. I had to notice by focusing hard on what was below and around me in great detail so I could interact while some of my attention was still on floating. I had to trust floating with part of my attention as I dove deeper in examining the world around and below in great detail. These were all new relationships with spiritual beings in nature and other dimensions, spirits I was meeting, aspects I was starting to meet and learn, and they were all interesting and very different from what I am used to in this physical reality and spiritual reality.

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