Engaging with Your Own Spiritual World

January, 2020


In our preparation to enter into and engage with the spiritual world of our planet in the important coming period, I felt there can be a good process to follow to reconnect with our own spiritual world within each of us first.


Engaging with Your Own Spiritual World

  • Sink into your inner silence and be present. Allow to drop from your head down into your body below, allow your body to take you.
  • Then, release yourself to your belly and notice what takes place there.
  • After a while feel the life energy within you, your connection to source, and to Earth.
  • Then, ask to feel spiritual world within you. Allow it to guide you to show it itself to you, to touch you, so you can experience it. Just be with it for a while.
  • Feel what wants to emerge out of your life energy, out of being in your spiritual world!
  • How does it make you feel to be part of the source and Earth, through your own spiritual world?
  • Notice how your life energy spreads through you, your inner spiritual world, how it is living. Notice places where you are trying to dictate how this life energy is being used and how you might be ignoring your spiritual world. Then, allow it to flow the way it wants to within you and see where it takes you and what you experience.
  • What is it leading you to be, to do now?