Free Streaming of Spirit – Opening between the physical and the spiritual realms

September, 2014

Soul of the San Francisco Bay suggested this meditation to me during one of our communications. It directly affects the quality of the spiritual and energetic flow in us and the Earth, subsequently making a big difference to all on this planet.


  • Be present in the world of the 5 senses
  • Go with your attention in your stomach
  • There you will notice an opening through which spirit constantly streams into our physical and energetic bodies
  • How does this opening look like, what kind of a shape is it in?
  • How does this stream feel like, is there a lot or not enough of the streaming of the spirit into life?
  • Than stand in this opening and consciously breath with the spirit; with every breath feel how this opening is becoming more flexible and bigger and how spirit is freely streaming through you
  • (It is important to ask how we can improve the streaming of the spirit and then act acordingly)


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