Inner Dancer 

October 2019


This meditation came during my connection to the New Earth life energy, the new way of being and living. Feel free to share your experience with this meditation if you choose to do it.


Inner Dancer 

  • Follow your breath into your body, and your inner space.
  • Allow to feel it, observe it, observe your inner reactions (but don’t act upon them, stay still within! )
  • Let go of attachment to any inner process or feeling that is taking place, meaning do not act upon any of it.
  • Feel if there are any of your inner buttons that are being pushed.
  • At the same time ask to feel how your live life energy wants to stream through you at this moment (stay ditched from meanings and associations that may come to mind…stay still).
  • Feel teh light of the Earth, the Universe within you for a moment.
  • Once you have completely embraced Being in your inner space while feeling all your inner processes and witnessing your life energy moving through you, and what it wants you to act upon, only then allow and follow your energy that is rising within you to move, to act.
  • When you feel ready stand up and Do, Act from that place of being and feeling (with no projections of what it means or what you should do. Allow and Do from there!!!). Action is as important then as the inner process of allowing to feel and see and be at the beginning of the meditation.
  • As you move into action remain tuned in to your inner process and your life energy rising and moving you – the inner sensitivity.