Inner Peace & Transcending Circumstantial Factors in Life

March, 2014

Peace is that elusive goal that ideologically many aspire to attain. But, what is really peace? In my experience peace is inseparable from evolution. If we are able to live in the rhythm of our evolutionary demands, we can tap into inner and collective peace.

The key in that process is to find ways to surrender to the divine soul within us.

Then we can recognize and feel its connection to the divine origin of the universe and the soul of the Earth. The focus of life would then naturally shift from acquisition to maturing through appropriate action and contribution.

Being within that live process in us (rather than thinking about it), and acting from it, puts us in a position to transcend all other possible circumstantial factors in a moment – automated ways of living learned from family, culture, religion, society, etc.

We would often like to be different, to react more calmly and maturely in tense situations, but our pre-learned behaviors tend to take over. With the experience how to surrender to the soul we are able to see the big picture and exercise our freedom for peace and evolution.

Furthermore, we become able to re-establish the divine flow in us and to allow the soul of the Earth to express freely offering rich streams of life to all of us.

With some experience these processes within us become very tangible making it a lot easier to allow the soul to express itself and start participating in the mentioned deep processes.

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