Leadership & Group Processes/Work

March, 2014

Results and Relationships


Leadership – that is grounded in spiritual belonging and connection to the divine – assumes individual’s ability to feel the connection with those participating in the group process the same way the soul is connected to and an inseparable part of the divine.

A connection where “everyone is everybody” within the group is necessary before the execution of tasks and responsibilities begins. In such way not only that the results are reached, but they also include all-around maturing/growth as everyone truly understands and learns all aspects of the process needed for completion. There is no resentment and everyone feels they were vital contributors to the operation.


But, how do we achieve this high level of cohesion in our highly hierarchical world?

In my communication with the spiritual dimension and the soul of landscape of Egypt, I was shown two experiential exercises to help us feel and understand this process and use it in daily lives.


From the soul of the landscape of Egypt:


  • Be fully connected before the exercise
  • Imagine you are one out of four water-floating devices made out of cork, floating on a river
  • Your job is to float forward as fast as possible and yet to retain the balance and relationship with the other three floating devices
  • You see further and wider than the other three floaters
  • Before starting with your journey consciously feel the divine identity in other three floaters – ask to perceive their essence and share as well as yours
  • What appears out of this connection? How will you proceed down the river?



From communication with the spiritual dimension:


  • With full “force” of love surrender to your soul and connect with the divine origin of the Universe and the Earth’s soul
  • Imagine that you are mud, part of endless mud in nature
  • Ask the mud to form your current character – the way you currently are/live with all your attributes, strengths, weaknesses (“the way the world moves you and the way you move the world”)
  • Now that you have seen that, ask the mud to mold itself to show you your highest potential living in perfect harmony with all of creation
  • See and feel how all aspects of the divine creation are moving and acting harmoniously as one organism when they are aware of each other, far below the projections of reality and pre-learned ways of life

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