Learning to Live in the Spiritual Dimension of the Planet

November, 2015

During the recent Permaculture Convergence in Hopland CA, I had a pleasure of attending Joel Salatin’s presentation. His ten point lecture was brilliant, informative, and a lot of fun. He explained in the simplest terms how nature works in farms and elsewhere. It all made perfect sense and it also revealed all the weak points of commercial mainstream farming and approach to life, food, and nature.

During that convergence I also presented a workshop named:

Discovering the Living Earth 

Learning to Live in the Spiritual Dimension of the Planet

My workshop (and work) is about the living entity that is behind ALL of nature, all natural processes in the land everywhere, and that manages the nature on the planet – the soul of the Earth. And this is not a symbolic name or a representation of something physical that we see and then call the soul. It is a living soul with her invisible spiritual dimension that is embedded within the entire physical body of our magnificent planet. And the soul of the Earth manages first the spiritual evolution of the planet, and then also the corresponding energetic and physical processes in nature.

This essential to life and yet invisible realm can only be felt and perceived with the inner eye of the soul and through subtle energetic streams within our bodies. Exploration of this realm and collaboration with it is the key element that can lead us to synchronize life of humanity with the life of nature, the Earth, and to witness inconceivable new possibilities rise from this conscious connection with the spirit, with nature, and ourselves. This is especially true when it comes to plants, animals, and people. We all thrive exponentially in environments that are imbued with love and acceptance of who we are and how we want and need to grow. Same is true when it comes to Earth.

The soul of our planet invites each of us to awaken this natural ability that we all have to perceive and participate in the invisible essential world in us and the land. It is not easy to awaken this ability, but it is certainly possible. And, it is a highly trasformative and liberating process for people and the land everywhere. Through that process we will then be able to start creating new ways of living that are in sync with the Earth and the spirit and experience the long awaited inner and collective peace.

Andrej Loncar