Message and Meditation, March 2020

March 13, 2020


I hope that this message finds you well!

I wanted to share a few lines here that were inspired by the recent events. Namely, about 10 years ago a dear friend of mine asked me what would I like to see happen in the world and also as a result of my work in re-connection with the spiritual dimension within each of us. I answered back then that it would be amazing if humans could just simply “stop.” If we could stop everything we are doing and just go inside with our attention, be conscious more and more what is taking place within us, be with each other, spend time with one another, with people. My feeling was that our attention was so much on the outside, so much energy spent on attaining stuff and serving protocols that we created, and that very little energy went to experiencing what is taking place within each of us now and exploring and sharing those experiences with our loved ones. And also exploring our connection and place and responsibility within the Earth’s spiritual world.

At that time 10 years ago I had this feeling within my body, the signal from the dimension of truth, how it was unnatural to push such potent energy in the direction outside of ourselves.

Recent events that are manifesting through health issues are by default having humanity stay at home, be more conscious of the here and now, and spend more time with family. Also, as a result, our current web of life that almost completely depends on commerce and the financial system has been put in question because if people are not allowed to go to work, music and sporting and cultural events, and if kids can not go to school it is difficult for commerce and the financial system to function in the same way and at the same rate as before.

When I connected to the current state of human consciousness I perceived us stumbling in deep fog at night with a small flash light. We are unsure where we are headed and why. My connection pointed to the following meditation to help with the current situation within our energetic being and how to find ways to purpose and how to follow our inner being, our own souls within the Earth’s spiritual world:


Life Sphere Meditation

  • Take a few deep breaths and then follow your breath into your heart.
  • During the entire meditation be very conscious of your breathing.
  • From your heart take a few moments to feel your connection to the source of life of the  Universe and then the Earth’s soul.
  • Then, sink with your consciousness into your abdomen and ask to feel the presence of your soul.
  • Once you fully feel your soul allow it to grow into a small human within your physical human – its legs growing within your physical legs, its arms growing into your physical arms, etc., until your soul has extended within your entire body in that way (the soul should not go through your skin). Also the consciousness of your soul should remain in your abdomen.
  • Take a few moments to feel what the soul is doing and what it is experiencing.
  • Then, go with your consciousness into the area between your breasts / chest and closer inside to your spine at that height. Let go of everything and be present there, release yourself to that area of your body and your life energy. See what takes place then for you and follow the impulses that are coming for you there and how they are moving you and guiding you (I am withholding here what is supposed to take place so that I don’t interfere with your experience. It would be interesting for those of you who decide to do the meditation to share with me what took place at that point and I can then send it to all of you the shared experiences without mentioning your names if you wish).
  • At the end give thanks to the source of life and the Earth.