New Life Energy Space

June 2019


A simple way to step into the new life energy space within yourself has presented itself to me. As I searched through the current processes within the Earth/Universe that are reflected within us, but that might be blocked by our lack of experience of the spiritual world within us and all around us, I worked on this inner process:

  • Ask to sense your connection with Earth, Universe and your soul, allow to feel it, surrendering to the experience as the main ingredient
  • Feel the Earth’s new life energy in you, release yourself to this process rather than trying to guide it
  • Then feel where the free flow of the new earth life energy is blocked within you
  • Go into one of those places and feel what is the block, see its face, then feel what is the new way of living and being of that part of you and through that release the new earth life energy through that place within you
  • Notice a sum of all places in you where you are blocking the new life energy within your life field (aura), then surrender to the new life energy and consciously allow/release it through all those tight places in you
  • How does it feel?
  • What does it move you into, what action does it move you into (small and big)?
  • What happens when you act upon one of those impulses in your day?
  • Give thanks to the spirit, Earth, and continue to the best of your ability to surrender to it