New Life Space

October 2019


In my connection with the spiritual world of the Earth today I experienced a process of allowing new levels of our life energy to integrate within our life system.

As we mature (and also given the Earth’s current process of her own spiritual evolution) parts of our life force become more available to us. Attuning to these spaces and potential within us allows us to grow in strength, and it also gives us a new level of responsibility as this new space becomes available. This is the responsibility that our souls long for as that is how we mature and ascend to the next levels of being in this Universe.


New Life Space – Meditation

  • Follow your breath into your body.
  • Allow your attention to settle in your stomach.
  • Ask to feel the presence of the source of life within you; then ask to feel your connection with the Earth within you.
  • Then, ask to feel what new life space wants to open up within you, to be available to you now.
  • Trust the first feeling that you sense and follow your attention into that place within you.
  • Allow to feel how this new energy within you wants to approach you, be a part of you (it is your energy anyways that you are allowing to integrate and participate in life)
  • Feel its essence, movement, its qualities. How does it feel to be this energy?
  • Feel how you can use it, allow it to express through you.
  • What is the responsibility that comes with having access to this new life energy space?
  • Give thanks to the Universe and the Earth.