North CA Fires & Their Spiritual Connotation

October 2017.

The Bay Area fire has deeply affects us all. I connected with the spiritual cause of the fire and the energetic imprint it is making on us.

It first took me inside of my upper stomach, like a gesture of going in, introspection. It was a very good feeling. I saw and felt how people are coming together, another good feeling. However, suddenly, in my introspection and with all those people coming together I felt big fog around all of us. I could not see beyond this fog, and that’s when the feeling turned sour. My heart started to beat faster as this feeling of not knowing where you are, and where you are going was growing – this is what the energy of this manifestation was saying as I perceived it in my inner energetic system.

I felt that people coming together was only due to this unfortunate physical manifestation. I felt that the fire was a manifestation of our lost direction, purpose, and true connection without masks, projections, and agendas. I felt this manifestation affecting teh consciousness level in the human being greatly.

Then I asked how to find the way out of this situation in which we seem lost, I felt I should let go of all the impulses I described – including the fog and the people – and go deep into the side of the spirit within me. When I let go, and went deeper inside of myself, everything disappeared. There was a moment of emptiness, and then a light appeared inside of me that then manifested the outward connection in many directions. I felt a new sense of purpose without “seeing” it in the physical world, without having an assurance as to where I am going. I felt trust as if I was completely sure where I was and what was going on – this is because of this inner connection.

If some of you experience headache from the smoke, it will help to connect on the consciousness level with your spirit roots, and to allow your sense of orientation and the feeling of inner peace to stream from there.

I hope you and your families are safe. And I hope you find peace and sense of purpose without physical assurances or rational calculations.

From my heart,