Our Current Relationship w/Earth’s Life – Earth News 2016/17

December 2016 – January 2017

Dear Friends,

I hope that this letter finds you well! I wanted to reach out to you to share my perception and feelings about Earth’s inner processes in this moment of great confusion, surprise, tension, reorientation in our world.

In early 2015 I shared that the world of spirit within the Earth and our human worlds have been separated. A great deal of tension started to be present in our human world around that time. We can remember some events that took place around the world later that year. In January 2016 I shared that the soul of the Earth has withdrawn deep down into her core in the middle of the Earth while spreading her attention to the edges of her aura (and before the outer space) to signal looking inward, into ourselves. This motion – that was caused by our way of living that for the most part excludes spirit from daily life which is obvious from how we spend our time – invited us to discover a new way of connecting with the Earth if we wanted to be visible and available to the spiritual dimension of the planet. Even greater tension was felt in 2016 throughout the world that brought many unexpected events.

About five weeks ago, I experienced an even greater distance between the Earth and humanity (oh, can the distance be any greater than it already is?). During one of my connections for a moment I could not located the Earth – it was as if it had moved without leaving her forwarding address. When I saw her and felt her presence again, I realized there is a new situation at hand. The Earth has situated herself in her new domain and not only that it takes reaching for her core to connect, it also takes finding a way to enter. My feeling was that there’s now a door that is like a clearing house that requires conscious re-positioning within ourselves and finding appropriate inner frequency that corresponds to the Earth’s spiritual dimension in order to connect.

Last week I perceived that the Earth is sort of putting blinds toward her outer world – the world that is not in touch with spirit and her spiritual dimension. It is another level of her separation from the energies that do not accept her and the source of life on the planet.

Let’s remember that all these processes that are taking place are just a mirror effect of how we live collectively – the Earth is mirroring back to us our attitude and level of conscious contentedness with the spirit dimension. She is not abandoning us, we are abandoning her and we are abandoning ourselves!

We are all very well aware of the tensions everyone has been feeling for the past two months or so. From my experience in connecting with the spiritual dimension all these years, and witnessing what is taking place on that level and how the human energy is dispersed throughout the Earth, I feel all these events that we are witnessing now were long time in the making. A very long time.

What I feel very strongly now is the time to use the life energy to create and engage in (if at least in our little personal world and our communities) new ways of living that would bring the spirit in the center of life and engage the Earth to directly participate in our lives on the spiritual level. And what presents itself as a challenge (a very important one) is how to do that without unconscious patterning even when we are really meaning to act from our connection? Can we just mean well and express polite wishes from the “heart?” And how do we live out of this challenging-to-reach Earth and spirit connection?

1) Long term and big picture approach might help – looking at life from the perspective of a soul in the spirit world (where we spend most of our time), from the perspective of the Earth’s soul and the spiritual dimension. If we are able to do that experientialy (and not philosophically or only through a ceremony where we express wishes), we will look at daily life in a very different way. And we might see the new paths and ways of living that arise from that contact and viewpoint. We might be able to enter through new doors. One of the first steps is to include the spirit and the Earth in the daily life and the decisions being made, choosing to participate in what the spirit would support in the long run – all this includes our communication and connection with the spirit and the Earth, as well as attuning to our responsibilities in this lifetime.

Also, we currently live with a sense of entitlement – if you are connected with the source and the Earth you will not feel this entitlement, you will feel a sense of belonging, gentleness, openness, and responsibility that come with it.

2) Although for the most part we are aware how the way we live personally and collectively might bring grave difficulties for humanity and our planet, we continue living this way because everyone else is doing it – here I mean our day to day way of living where everything revolves around all the rules and structures we have created to uphold that system – the energy invested to learn and serve the current system, years and years spent in educational institutions in order to plug into this stream and become a successful part of its financial structure that is at a core of this system. Countless other things could be at the core of our daily life, but only if we can bring the spirit and the Earth there and our live experience of it the foundations of life could change and follow the actual spiritual evolution processes here and throughout the Universe.

It might make more sense to create new “structures” around the direct experience of the development of the soul, where your involvement in the community/society comes from you exemplifying your desire and worth to engage with a given aspect of life and community and perform a certain role/responsibility you demonstrate it is yours to embrace (rather than your class status or access to information or resources determining your level and way of involvement in community). When we achieve that we will be governed by a council of wise elders that is kindly asked by the community to serve at wise leaders. The challenges are that there are very few role models we can look up to in this regard. And we are not quite sure how this way of living that is in sync with the spirit and the Earth looks like. This is the challenge of our time – to discover this – and a challenge and responsibility of each of us to make a contribution in this direction if we want to witness its manifestation (no one is going to do it for us). Every step is important, and so is the commitment to living this way as pioneers the best we can. At first we might not be so good at it, but such is every beginning.

3) It is of utmost importance to research our inner system for: Projections of what’s true, fears, and all inner voices that do not belong to your soul and that have become a part of your automated response system. Over time we have created “mindful” approaches to soften our automated inner systems, to present our learned structures in a more acceptable ways. This is masking the truth even more because it is even more difficult to recognize that my mindful automated inner system is meeting your mindful automated inner system. And in that process the soul stays deep inside without getting much say in the daily life although we would like to believe that we are quite spiritual sometimes.

The basic soul communication levels are:

  • Mindfulness (very little of the soul’s voice is transmitted through it);
  • Channeling (some soul impulses are carried through this method although because of the lack of experience as to where the information is coming from and how this works, the information is usually a projection of our past experiences and wisdom rather than the current experience of the moment and a direct contact on the spiritual level);
  • Interpretation of soul impulse through our personal lenses (without knowing it is through our lenses, thinking it is a direct contact – more of the soul voice is accessible this way than the previous two methods);
  • Full soul contact and perception streaming from our direct contact and experience of it where a special kind of shift happens as we enter the full connection from our automated self (we feel this shift usually as a profound relief, very deep and effortless breathing, and an instant experience of the soul, its path, and inner layers of the Earth that are all behind our daily manifested life.

If we take small steps, time and time again, we can start to differentiate the voice of the soul from all other voices within us and slowly allow the soul to make decisions. This is very challenging because it is difficult to see the self. But, the process of this research is crucial for our present and future; in my experience going deep enough within you feels like you would feel after a great workout or after a completion of a challenging and meaningful project – you are tired, energized, and very satisfied.

4) We have been caught in the web of “reactionary” response to situations. This is clear with many large things on our collective human stage. We are reacting to put a stop to what seems to be an injustice (and it usually and most likely is and injustice), and we are putting all our energy into “fixing” this injustice. However, in the mean time almost no energy is spent on creating new systems that would allow us to live in a society that will not depend on fixing injustices, society we can call a spiritual society with focus on spiritual development from the moment we are born. As we are reacting on escalating conflicts we are not providing a different platform that would allow a different set of values to be at its foundation hence changing the entire premise from which we live and that would almost eliminate such escalations.

And when we fix this injustice we are just back to “normal” way of living we are used to and for a period of time there is an illusion of peace, until injustice manifests (as a symptom of larger dis-balance) again and we run to fight the escalation. I suggest while we are treating the injustice, we simultaneously need to work hard on creating a healthy platform that would support the society of spiritual development in its center (as well as address the cause of the manifestation of the injustice on the spiritual level).

I feel that all this needs to be done more radically, far more radically than we envision now. Otherwise it is difficult to expect that this current trajectory will change much – and I hope that we are starting to see now more obviously the situation we are in.

5) I hope we all come together and use this window of opportunity. It is up to us to decide if we will embrace this responsibility and opportunity or work on it again later when we return to the spirit world and have to repeat the lessons that are at hand now in a different setting.

I wish you all much love, good health, and fulfillment in 2017. 

With love,