Our Relationship with the Earth, our Host

March, 2014

training_2A soul has multiple tasks once it arrives to Earth. Throughout life it is a constant beacon to other parts of us (physical, emotional, and mental bodies) trying to orientate the human being to surrender to its core, to the soul.

A soul also coordinates its connection and relationship with the Earth. Since we are in the Earth’s universe so to say, a part of our life energy streams from our connection with the Earth.

Human experience has a tremendous learning and growth potential. Along with working through our ancestral heritage and circumstances that come with the dynamics of the place of birth, the soul’s greatest opportunity as well as a challenge come from conscious discovery of its relationship with the Earth’s soul and the souls of her landscapes as they are in such close contact for the time being. This is a complex and deep process that continues the entire lifetime. It is also the most gratifying process people can delve into.

Through this work it is possible to transcend all circumstantial factors and hardships in life and stream through the flow of the spirit with ease and fulfilment (Can I stress development here, process rather than attaining fulfilment?). And only full and conscious contact of this sort offers a complete human experience.

The key is to learn to immerse fully in the Earth experience while preserving personal integrity/independence and also to shed the shell around our personal field made of mental projections of what reality is.

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