Personal Identity, Connection, and Surrender

I propose this Preparation before every deep work:

Personal Identity, Connection, and Surrender


logo_vSomewhere in the vast complexity of today’s life there is a place of total simplicity stripped away of everything but the “essence,” a place of complete peace, a place where we surrender to being who we are – our souls. With the information we are receiving all the time, our mental processing of that information and reasoning from past experiences, emotional reactions in situations, physical and energetic sensations in the body, it can be an ambitious task to discover our deepest identity and to surrender to it. Here is the process that my soul led me through as one of the ways to discover and surrender to the soul:



  • Pay attention to your surrounding with the five senses
  • While you are not losing touch with your surroundings, shift your attention to your body, its sensations, and impulses
  • Allow everything that wants your attention in life to step into your consciousness now, and just register and accept all that appears with no judgment
  • When you feel it’s time go with your attention into your stomach
  • See how your head is above and your hips/legs are below you
  • Express a desire for your soul to embrace you all around so you can feel its touch
  • At one moment release your attention from yourself and from you being separate from the soul
  • Then allow your soul to “take you” and completely release yourself to it – it will show you what you need to do at that moment to BE the soul rather than being a separate entity
  • Spend some time like that and just be


  • Using your heart as a microphone, ask to become aware of the sacred origin of life of the Universe within you
  • How does your soul react to it and how this relationship feels and looks like in you
  • Using your heart as a microphone, ask to become conscious of your connection to the Earth’s soul in you
  • How does your soul connect to the soul of the Earth and what does this relationship looks like
  • How does it feel being you as well as being a part of the Universe and the Earth?


Purpose and Reintegration

Through deep processes within me, the Earth, and the Universe, the Earth showed me an important step in this period of our evolution. After the process of connection and surrender to the soul here is a simple meditation to ignite personal life purpose/responsibility and to reintegrate parts of us that are holding us back so they can find their purpose again.


  • With all your heart feel your true life path and responsibility and with every breath soak your whole being with this quality (let this information and feelings stream through you)
  • After a while notice if there is a particular aspect of your life or your body that are causing you some pain or could be of concern to you
  • Once you notice one or more of them, from the place of your life purpose and responsibility send a call of the love of the heart to that aspect/s of your life causing you pain/concern
  • Allow that aspect of you to remember who it is and what it had been a part of originally
  • Once it shows its true face/function it will start supporting that place in you responsible for embracing your true responsibility in life

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