The “Atlantic” Horse

April, 2014

IMG_0305During a recent connection and communication with the Earth an image of a large horse propped up on two legs stretching over the Atlantic Ocean appeared in my consciousness.

I felt very drawn to this majestic sight as if I was this large horse that propped up on two legs and as if I was the Earth and myself all at the same time.

When I followed the horse I found that its essence spurred from two locations in the Atlantic Ocean:

17° 0’3.45″N and 35°20’48.78″W

and the second

6°30’38.22″N and 25°30’53.97″W.


The horse showed me to engage in the following process:

  • Connect to these two locations and experience the feeling of what is taking place there
  • Then feel that you are holding yourself with your hands on top of a sphere that looks like Earth while your feet are far below another sphere
  • At one moment you feel that the two spheres start to move and stretch your upper body up and your lower body down
  • As you are being stretched you feel that another space is being opened in your middle
  • With a decisive move you pull your upper body and your lower body from the outside spheres inside into the newly created space in the middle
  • Allow yourself to be in this space and experience how it is to be there and what happens
  • After a while open your eyes and walk around as you stay in this new space



My experience doing this meditation: For me one horse represented the spirit becoming more accessible and the other horse represented materialization on the physical level due to action on the spirit plane. I felt being of the spirit and physical action completely intact with one another inside of me as well as in perceiving the world around me. After this process I feel more connected to myself and to the world in the most pure way, the way of the spirit materializing in the physical reality in a divine way.

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