Transformation of Conflict within Each of Us

December-January 2015-2016

Transformation of Conflict within Each of Us

(Peace & Connection with the Divine & One Another)

December-January, 2015-2016, by Andrej Loncar

Recent, more frequent, and often surprising conflicts all over the world that have taken many different shapes, along with the overwhelming focus of resources and time on a goal to retain or gain control of the markets, economies, ideologies, and beliefs, evoke feelings that something important has been lost and that it is disappearing in the distance and can now barely be seen through the crowd of tired, speeding people. And even though we seem to be growing more accustomed to it every day, the disparity between this collective loss of true purpose and our inseparable connection to the origins of life and their sacred values, is creating unbearable conflict within each of us accompanied with a sense of desperation and slowly arising panic.

This disparity and struggle can be seen in every segment of our society as well as in every segment of our private lives. These are the signs and the symptoms of transformation on both the personal and collective levels. This transformation is powered by the processes of spiritual evolution of the Universe, the Earth, and ultimately humanity.

But, how does one know this to be true? Simply because we all have the ability to feel these potent processes in our own energetic fields and our direct connection with the divine source of life. However, because of the way our society has been living for several millenniums, and has focused on forming predictable and easily controllable patterns of living, we have lost that sensibility to perceive our connection with the divine within us that is in constant development mode, and so we have slowly lost touch with the source of life. So from my experience working with the source of life of the Universe, my own soul, and the soul of the planet Earth, I’ve experienced the processes further explained in this article.

The physical layout of the Universe and the Earth is embedded by a living spirit and its different expressions throughout its physical body. In the midst of our current way of living as a civilization, we have lost touch with the sources of life, with the life of the spirit throughout the Universe and the Earth, and we’ve forgotten our ability to go along with the spirit evolution that is inherently within each of us.

In order to gain clarity in this situation and to offer practical possibilities to step out of this uncomfortable rift, we will examine the responsibilities and steps each of us can take to lead by example and do what each of us can to move out of this trajectory and consciously rejoin the path of spiritual evolution.

Within the current human conditioning, we do not have sufficient experience in our direct contact with the spirit and its workings. This is why even the existence of the spirit has been brought to the level of speculation, philosophy, and doubt. The moment in human evolution when we became aware of our “independence” and freedom of choice, also marks the beginning of great testing for humanity. We had to handle individual and collective physical, mental, and emotional development while retaining our awareness and connection with the spirit. Moreover, we started to be tempted to exercise our freedom of choice and test its limits. This is where the original conflict originates from – the separation we feel within us of feeling and living with the spirit and on the other hand our exercise of free choice that does not take into consideration the live flow of spirit. And as the evolution of consciousness continued through thousands of years, so did the conflict within us continue to grow bringing us to the current state of confusion, animosity, and loss of purpose.
Our gradual move away from the sources of life has created an atmosphere that promotes control of life flow. This impulse awakened the desire to control everything. And in the wake of that development we welcomed the birth of fear of losing that control. Control and fear in this context and form spur the escalation of conflict within people and promote our marginal differences rather than discovering our sacred bond.

Over the centuries, the Universe and the Earth through their spiritual evolution continued to infuse all living organisms, and ultimately all of humanity, with higher levels of consciousness. However, the integration of higher consciousness into daily life of society proved to be very challenging in our time due to the culmination of our inner struggle to recognize and transform the origins of conflict within us – the rise of control and fear in exploration of our free will that moved away from the sources of life and their spiritual evolution.

But, what happens to this vast energy of the new consciousness that is constantly flowing in. Due to our current conditioning, we are now mostly using that potential of spiritual evolution and consciousness for technological advancement and to conquer the markets. The vast majority of these technological advancements in essence serve no higher good for humanity and neither does the conquest of the marketplace. These are simply ways driven by our current conditioning to channel this sacred life energy. And when you misuse the sacred life force, that same energy in you turns against you. What is sacred becomes even more obscured by the conquest and we continue to drift into bigger conflicts that arise from deep within each of us in different shapes and forms – we all develop a stands in which we form grievances we have against many other people, sides, and ways of thinking and living. And this perpetuates further conflict, conquest, and fear, and keeps us captive in the vicious void of our lost connection to the source of life.

We have all inherited this situation and are a part of it one way or another to some degree. We all support this cycle in various obvious and not so obvious ways; we feed this collective effort that has no vision other than to keep on circling. This means that we all can help in the transformation process. But what can one person do? And what does this mean practically?

First, we are not responsible for the world; we are responsible for our own way of living and actions. If we succeed to integrate this inflow of consciousness into our lives it will serve as a seed and a beacon for all others. And the good news is that we all have the capability to do this. But, what does this really mean, and how do we start?

In order to break away from this cycle and to start making steps toward living a deeply fulfilling life, the most important things to do are to transform the conflict within each of us and to discover our connection with the source of all life within us.

Process to transform inner and outer conflict & Experience your connection with the source of life and your own life path

Inner and Outer Conflict Transformation
Experiencing your Connection with the Source of Life
Discover and Experience your own Life Path, soul presence

• Close your eyes and take several comfortably deep breaths, allowing the air to fill your stomach and then exhale completely
• After a minute or two, give your full attention to conflict, problem, or grievance with something in your life or the world that comes to your attention
• Allow yourself to feel this conflict/grievance completely; feel it, observe it, listen to it, allow it to show itself fully
• Then, visualize that you make a copy of yourself, like a hologram, along with this conflict/grievance and place it directly in front of you facing you (and within the reach of your hands)
• Now take a moment to feel your conflict/grievance from that perspective, feeling and looking at it directly in front of you
• Then see the concentration of this conflict in your copy’s stomach
• Beyond the grievance placed in your copy you will see a channel leading further out behind it
• When you feel ready, with your attention move forward toward this conflict/grievance inside of your copy (as you move forward with your attention retain awareness of being in your own body at the same time)

• When you reach the place of conflict, be present in it and experience it fully from there
• How does it feel to be there and notice what happens in you during that period?
• Then, looking beyond, next in the channel behind it you will see the place of original conflict
• When you are ready, step into the place of original conflict and allow yourself to feel and experience it completely while standing in the midst of its power
• What reaction does this cause within you?

• When you feel complete with this stage, look further through the channel extending beyond this place in your copy and look for the place of your connection with the source of life
• While retaining your conscious connection with your own body, and when you feel the right moment has come, make a decisive and yet most respectful step forward to the place of your connection with the source of life within you
• Follow what you feel during this process and notice what starts to happens
• Through this process notice how your own body reacts and how the place of conflict reacts

• When you feel this process is complete, once again look further through the channel beyond this place in your copy and look for the place that anchors your own life path
• While retaining your conscious connection with your own body, carefully and lovingly approach the place that anchors your own life path
• Notice how you feel and what you see there, and what happens
• After a while look back at the place of your conflict while being fully present within the anchor of your life path
• What happens to your conflict (don’t project the solution, just allow to witness what happens)? Feel it fully
• Look back to your own body and the road you traveled to the place that anchors your path
• Then, slowly start to walk back through the place of your connection with the source of life, then thorough the place where your conflict was (is?), and back to your body
• When you arrive back, feel fully present, breathe consciously, and allow the hologram of your copy to return back into you

• Fully present in your body, can you feel the presence of your connection with the source of life within you now? Can you feel the anchor of your life path in you now?
• Allow the feeling of these two presences in you to resonate with your entire body as you continue to breathe consciously
• Give your thanks to the source of life and open your eyes (as you go about your day be present within you to feel the developments of the process in you)

This deep process can be repeated whenever we want. We can also repeat it with variations where we experience a very distinct conflict situation and work through it during this same inner process.

Another thing to do during our day to day life, is to be aware of our inner conflict or grievance we might have towards anything or anybody, feel it within us, and then go past it to connect with its original divine energy, the source of life, and our path and feel and observe how we feel about this conflict while observing it from the place of inner connection and our path anchor. It might be complicated to do this while in a situation in daily life, but it is very much worth a try to practice. Over time it gets easier, we transform the conflict in us, and we are able to open up many new doors in our life that were previously sealed by our focus on conflict. We have the ability to shift our focus to these new doors that long to be opened, and for this extraordinary possibility to become our new reality.

Andrej Loncar
December-January, 2015