Transition into Soul Space, Earth’s New Space

May 2019


I felt that I should share some inner processes at this time to offer possibilities for personal transformation and to embrace action/living from the current spiritual evolution of the Earth and your own soul.

Here is my first proposal:

Transition into Soul Space, Earth’s New Space
• Take deep breaths and feel present within your body.
• Release yourself within you to start sinking towards your center – the place of the soul (don’t force this process, but rather allow)
• As you start sinking see if the process is stuck somewhere, then feel into this place within you and allow to feel what is that part of you and how it wants to free up, how it wants to be/function now.
• Allow this process of freeing up, feel it within you, and continue to sink; continue until you are fully in your center, your soul place
• Feel the new space of the spiritual dimension that you have entered
• Notice what is your soul moving you into, what action – feel it fully and embrace the action within you
• Carry that state of being into next action in your day and act from this space within you