Individual Sessions

Soul Development Needs – accessing long term vision, recognizing and addressing what is blocking progress

This is a deep one hour session that is a combination of divination and deep guidance into your inner world to a place of your block and to the place of resolution. This can be a need to develop and change something in life, to discover how to use some dormant abilities, or to assume responsibilities that you might have overseen and are on your soul’s path. The purpose is to access the soul’s path, responsibilities, and gifts, and to map out the vision of transformation and development. An immediate need can be addressed or a long term vision illuminated by taking you to the places inside of you and within your life that require to be recognized and taken seriously and diligently if serious results are wanted.

It is important to discover, master, and transform something very meaningful and practical. There are no quick fixes in life that retain the high level of quality and integrity while staying on track for long term development. Having said that, every meaningful progress starts with a single step or a series of steps. I help you jump start a lifelong process of conscious development of aspects we work on – making a series of steps to discover and transform something meaningful and make it very practical.




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Living & Working Space Activation & Integration

Our living space is inseparable from us and it affects everything in our life. Experiencing and getting to know the spiritual identity (the soul of the land) and system within the physical land upon which your house or business is built is essential in order to allow the spirit flow to integrate within our living space and to start the harmonizing process between land and people.

In this way we have an opportunity to integrate our lives in the flow of the spirit and to start to actively participate in this beautiful and rich reality inside and all around us. This process can change and enrich our lives, help the family health and dynamics, and help us become more conscious participants in the deepest truths of life.

Homes, Organizations, Farms, Businesses – Space Activation, Harmonizing, and Integration

  • In-depth research (through connection and communication with the spirit of the land) of the spiritual essence and structure of your land
  • Create a plan how to integrate the spirit flow of the land within the individual and/or family life
  • Perform deep harmonizing work with the land in which the inhabitants take part
  • Create a guided meditation to be done on a regular basis to support further opening and grounding of people and the land





Creative Mentoring Program

This program is mostly for people who complete the six weekend Training Program in live work with the spiritual dimension of the Earth and personal life field. In some cases the creative mentoring program can also be available for those who have not completed the training program which can change from case to case (during the one on one mentoring program we develop your ability to engage deeper in the soul’s direct work and to creatively start to develop your own best expression of your tasks, responsibilities, and your overall potential).

This program offers deepening of abilities and growth that one can also use for developing one’s own teaching methodology and approach in direct collaboration with the spiritual dimension, the world of the soul in the here and now. The mentoring program takes place either during the new six weekend training program where those learning to lead the work with the soul and the Earth are working as apprentices to deepen their abilities and to further integrate their lives and those they teach within the Earth’s living organism and the divine source of life. It can also take place outside of the training program if the mentorship makes sense on the spiritual level.


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Family / Community Consulting

Andrej consults families taking into consideration each member and their soul path, responsibilities, developmental needs, and potential for creation. Family dynamics can be complex as different souls converge and work on a multitude of tasks while needing to practically engage in the life of the community. In this work relationships are looked at, individual potential and development, as well as the current living situation – the space and the place of living.

In this way we create a comprehensive map of the current family constellation, function, and we awaken and initiate possible adjustments while consciously engaging in what is needed in order to continue to develop and transform and to to find inner and outer harmony and fulfillment.


Andrej also consults communities about relationships and potential on the spiritual levels. Andrej also helps the communities realize their full connection to the spirit of their land and start the conscious exchange and collaboration with the soul of the land that can bring the life of the community on a totally new level and it opens the possibility to create new living paradigms within the community that can serve as a beacon to the world.