Individual and Family Sessions (60 or 90 minutes) Inline image
Heal  –  Mature  –  Create 

  • Heal and transform your symptoms
  • Engage in deep maturing processes as a soul
  • Embody spiritual evolution of the life energy within you, the Earth and the Universe
  • Resolve your ancestral inherited imprints and patterns, and experience collaboration with the world of the ancestors
  • Become a creator with your life energy


I offer a comprehensive individual or family program to reconnect with your soul, with your life energy, the live processes of spiritual evolution within you, and through that to activate your greatest creating, maturing, and healing potential in this life.



As the Earth and the Universe go through their spiritual evolution, they inevitably change the foundation of the life energy that we are all a part of. Since we have largely lost touch with our ability to perceive spiritual evolution of the life energy within the Universe and the Earth and its reflection within us, we live in a world that is devoid of the current foundations of life, and we often experience deep symptoms and ailments, or loss of strong sense of purpose and creative energy due to this disconnect.
Through this comprehensive inner program, you start to experience your soul’s identity, presence and responsibility. You start to find ways to allow your soul to engage in daily life, and to embody your soul’s life energy. You begin to heal your physical ailments and symptoms by activating your energetic life systems. This allows you to experience the greatest sense of purpose in this life.
You will also experience Earth’s spiritual world and how your body and soul are interconnected with our planet. This deep experience and connection with the Earth are some of the most significant guides in your maturing and healing, and in your creation in this life. Earth’s spiritual world – our discovery of it and collaboration with it – is one of the main reasons our souls incarnate at our planet especially at this time in our and Earth’s evolution.
To schedule sessions please see the information at the bottom of this message. 
Free Expression of Your Life Energy 
During these sessions I guide you to experience how your life energy naturally wants to stream through you, how it wants to express, and what it wants to do in life now and in the long run. That is the first and most important predicament for physical and spiritual health and for the sense of fulfillment and belonging.
Every person is different and every situation requires a completely autonomous diagnosis and a process of resolution and balancing in order for a person to calibrate her or his way of being, living, and acting with the life energy streaming through her/him, with their soul, their maturing/learning, and their responsibility in this life.
Intensive Inner Processes, Spiritual and Energetic Exercises 
This intensive process is about becoming part of the whole, part of the solution, rather than spending your life energy fighting the problem or being part of the problem. Being part of the solution streams from your awakened experience of the presence of your soul and the live spiritual world within you.

These processes that open up energetic blocks and release physical symptoms, they also help you learn how to work with your energy system, how to self-heal through understanding how these inner dynamics operate at the level of spiritual maturing processes. I guide you through deep processes of healing that are really process of spiritual maturing where more of our consciousness opens up to spiritual aspects that need your attention. Same is true regarding inner maturing processes needed for us to embrace our life callings and to be able to create in ways that we envision but may not be ready to deliver. You are then able to repeat these processes at home and to deepen their effects.




The Background Information 

The Foundations of Life – Healing, Maturing, and Creating with Your Life Energy



There are ways in which our life energy wants to move through us, to express, and to create. This depends on our soul’s experience and the maturing that it seeks, the current evolution process of the Earth’s spiritual world (as we are all in her living energy during this life), and the creation that we yearn for in life that encompasses our learning, maturing, and contribution through this creation.



Our soul’s experience in this life, the maturing that it goes through, is magnified if we are able to feel the soul’s  identity, and to sense what it can learn from engaging in life in different ways, and what it can create as part of its responsibility in this life – the teaching that the soul is capable of delivering and at the same time the experience that it gains then through teaching and passing the experience to others.
One of soul’s biggest experiences in life is the meeting with the Earth’s soul and the exploration of the Earth’s spiritual world with all of her spiritual/energetic life systems.  That is when we really start to live. Earth’s soul has been going through her own spiritual evolution since the creation of our planet. This period in the Earth’s inner transformation brings great opportunities for humanity to reconnect with the spiritual world of the Earth, and the new spiritual foundations that are rising from the Earth’s spiritual world and offering its contact with our world.
This period can also present us with great challenges as we learn how to engage with our inner maturing, how to let go of experiencing life only through the lenses of our minds and learned information about life that may not be in tune with the live life energies of your soul and the Earth at the moment. Letting go of what we know in order to allow the natural flow of your life energies through your body and sensing how your life energies want to engage with life, and what you are capable of creating then, is one of the key elements in this period.

Many energetic blocks and physical symptoms that manifest are opportunities for us to learn how to sense and navigate our inner spiritual world, its energies and expression, and to transform and free up parts of our energetic system so that it can function the way it wants to now.



  • Physical ailments
  • Low energy
  • Emotional distress
  • Lack of clear purpose
  • Feeling a block to create with your life energy


  • Process of allowing your soul to step onto its path, discovering your soul’s identity and main purposes and responsibility in this life (confusion, etc.).
  • The energetic, emotional, and ancestral heritage of our physical bodies that the soul works with in this lifetime, the challenge they represent for the soul, the opportunity the soul has to mature through working with this living environment, and the transformation that is possible for the soul and the family lineage.

Re-connection with Life Energy

  • Re-connection with the current life energy embodied within the Earth and the Universe, and the greatest purpose and fulfillment that streams from this experience and living out of this embodiment.

At the beginning of the session we talk about the purpose of your visit and what you wish to accomplish.
Then, I help you navigate through your inner world, and we go through different processes and exercises to:

  • Experience your spiritual structure and energy system and its natural life flow
  • Feel your physical blocks and symptoms and start to perceive and recognize them as specific energy that wants to transform and mature (into the current way of your life energy streaming through you)
  • Go through inner processes needed to reach deeper places in order to bring your life energy to the next level of maturation and hence to be able to create future with them in life
  • Experience allowing your life energy to move naturally through your blocks and symptoms and gain health, and inner fulfillment
  • Strengthen weakened parts of your body and your energy system
  • Get in touch with your soul and connect with your soul’s maturing trajectory in this life as well as before and after this human life
  • Discover your ancestral processes that are most relevant for your soul and body, begin energetic resolutions, and collaborate with the world of the ancestor

Scheduling Sessions and Payment 

Please email or call Andrej:

(240) 893 4040
Online or In Person
For now sessions are via Zoom or other online platform.
Soon sessions will be available in or near San Anselmo, CA.

Cost (Investment in Life):
$120 for 60 min, $180 for 90 min
Payable through Vemno: @Anrej-Loncar




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Living & Working Space Activation & Integration

Our living space is inseparable from us and it affects everything in our life. Experiencing and getting to know the spiritual identity (the soul of the land) and system within the physical land upon which your house or business is built is essential in order to allow the spirit flow to integrate within our living space and to start the harmonizing process between land and people.

In this way we have an opportunity to integrate our lives in the flow of the spirit and to start to actively participate in this beautiful and rich reality inside and all around us. This process can change and enrich our lives, help the family health and dynamics, and help us become more conscious participants in the deepest truths of life.

Homes, Organizations, Farms, Businesses – Space Activation, Harmonizing, and Integration

  • In-depth research (through connection and communication with the spirit of the land) of the spiritual essence and structure of your land
  • Create a plan how to integrate the spirit flow of the land within the individual and/or family life
  • Perform deep harmonizing work with the land in which the inhabitants take part
  • Create a guided meditation to be done on a regular basis to support further opening and grounding of people and the land





Creative Mentoring Program

This program is mostly for people who complete the six weekend Training Program in live work with the spiritual dimension of the Earth and personal life field. In some cases the creative mentoring program can also be available for those who have not completed the training program which can change from case to case (during the one on one mentoring program we develop your ability to engage deeper in the soul’s direct work and to creatively start to develop your own best expression of your tasks, responsibilities, and your overall potential).

This program offers deepening of abilities and growth that one can also use for developing one’s own teaching methodology and approach in direct collaboration with the spiritual dimension, the world of the soul in the here and now. The mentoring program takes place either during the new six weekend training program where those learning to lead the work with the soul and the Earth are working as apprentices to deepen their abilities and to further integrate their lives and those they teach within the Earth’s living organism and the divine source of life. It can also take place outside of the training program if the mentorship makes sense on the spiritual level.


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Family / Community Consulting

Andrej consults families taking into consideration each member and their soul path, responsibilities, developmental needs, and potential for creation. Family dynamics can be complex as different souls converge and work on a multitude of tasks while needing to practically engage in the life of the community. In this work relationships are looked at, individual potential and development, as well as the current living situation – the space and the place of living.

In this way we create a comprehensive map of the current family constellation, function, and we awaken and initiate possible adjustments while consciously engaging in what is needed in order to continue to develop and transform and to to find inner and outer harmony and fulfillment.


Andrej also consults communities about relationships and potential on the spiritual levels. Andrej also helps the communities realize their full connection to the spirit of their land and start the conscious exchange and collaboration with the soul of the land that can bring the life of the community on a totally new level and it opens the possibility to create new living paradigms within the community that can serve as a beacon to the world.